Best Answers of Quickbooks File Doctor Common Errors

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When you face issues in Quickbooks and related to the company file or network, the Quickbooks File Doctor comes to play. It is a tool designed to help you in troubleshooting company files and network-related issues. There is a set of issues that this tool can fix easily. These issues can be referred to as the Quickbooks File Doctor Common Errors. In this write-up, we are going to tell you the Best answers to Quickbooks File Doctor Common Errors.   

However, before we move on to these answers, let’s understand the  Quickbooks File Doctor as a troubleshooting tool first. This is important because if you don’t understand how this tool is used to fix some of the common errors of Quickbooks, reading answers is not going to help you. 

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What is Quickbooks file doctor?

To be very specific the QB file doctor is a tool used in troubleshooting some common errors of the Quickbooks desktop software. This tool is a part of a bigger troubleshooting software package called the Quickbooks tool hub. As part of this hub, the Quickbooks file doctor is used for fixing common company files and network-related issues. As a Quickbooks user, you can use this tool to recover your damaged company files too. Also, the results that you get from the software diagnosis of the QB file doctor can be further used to understand and resolve persistent and recurring issues.

When you use the Quickbooks file doctor for troubleshooting problems you get a detailed description of the issues that are there. Other than this the description area also provides you with information that includes resources to fix the issue in each specific area  

All in all the Quickbooks file doctor is:

  • A Quickbooks troubleshooting tools
  • Specially designed to address Quickbooks issue relate to company file and network-related errors
  • Can be used to recover damaged company files
  • Is a part of the Quickbooks tool hub
  • Provides a detailed description of the issue
  • Suggests resources required to fix errors

What are the common errors in the Quickbooks file doctor?

Some of the most common errors that the Quickbooks file doctor is designed to tackle include the following error codes:

  • -6150
  • -6000 -82
  • -6000 -305
  • -6000 -301 
  • -6147
  • -6130

Other than these, users also face issues like missing/blank customer, vendor, or employee list from the company file. The Quickbooks file doctor specializes in fixing the common issue related to the above-mentioned errors.

Intuit Quickbooks File Doctor can’t Open Company File | Most common reasons

  • Quickbooks File Doctor may fail to open the company file if you are trying to access incorporated files
  • File recovery failed or the file restoring process was unsuccessful 
  • You can encounter Quickbooks File Doctor errors when you try converting older versions of company files over a network
  • Improper installation of the Quickbooks desktop due to incompletely downloaded, damaged or corrupted Quickbooks installation file.
  • Damaged or corrupted company file resulting in the QB File doctor to stop responding

Best answers of Quickbooks File Doctor Common Errors 

Below are some of the best answers to the common File doctor errors. Moreover, further, in this article, you will find some of the relevant steps to implement these answers. Let’s have a look at these answers

Issue: QuickBooks File Doctor Not opening from Quickbooks tool hub

Answer: Launch the QB File Doctor Manually by searching in program files.

Issue: Quickbooks file doctor is unable to Repair, Restore the Backup of the Corrupted QBW File

Answer: Create a local backup of the damaged Quickbooks File. Open or restore the local backup copy to access the corrupted QB file

Issue: Quickbooks File Doctor is Not working

Answer: if Quickbooks file doctor is not working then you can opt for the Auto Data Recovery option.    

The Quickbook Auto Data Recovery is an efficient tool. It works by examining the QB company files to check for errors. If the file is error-free, the tool creates a backup in the Auto Data Recovery folder. Now when the file doctor shows errors processing a file you can fetch the last backup from the Auto data recovery folder.

Issue: QuickBooks File Doctor Error

Answer: QuickBooks File Doctor errors can be fixed by turning off hosting mode and configuring an antivirus program.

As a best practice, you must turn off the system’s hosting mode when you encounter this error. In addition to this, you will have to manipulate your antivirus settings. When the Quickbooks File Doctor is no longer able to repair the issue, antivirus settings can fix the issue simply. We have demonstrated the steps used to manipulate the settings in McAfee Antivirus 

Follow the steps below:

  • Choose Web and Email Protection in McAfee software.
  • Navigate to Firewall and choose the Ports and System Services section
  • Then, you will have to click on the Add button and type eMule into the Services Name box
  • Enter your QuickBooks application’s TCP data in Local TCP/IP ports
  • Select Local UDP Port and then type UDP data for the QuickBooks application
  • Under Open ports, select All PCs option
  • Lastly, Click Save.  Restart the system

How to download and use Quickbooks file doctor?

In case if you are unable to open the company file due to some reason in the Quickbooks desktop software, the Quickbooks file doctor troubleshooting can help you. In order to download and use the Quickbooks file doctor follow the below-mentioned steps.

STEP 1 | Download Quickbooks tool hub and install it on your computer

The Quickbooks tool hub is a larger platform of which the Quickbooks file doctor is a part. The Tools hub contains various tools designed to address and fix the common errors that occur while using Quickbooks desktop software. As a best practice, it is suggested to use the QB tool hub on Windows 10, 64-bit.

  • Close the Quickbooks desktop application
  • Download the most recent version of the Quickbooks Tool Hub
  • It is recommended that you download the most recent version 
  • Save the downloaded file at an easily accessible location

In case you already have the QB tool hub installed, check its version. To do so

  • Select the Home tab
  • You can find the version of the QB tool hub at the bottom right
  • Alternatively, you can navigate to the about section of the QB tool hub and check the version of the software
  • If the version is outdated you can update it.

Now once you have the downloaded file, follow these steps to install the Quickbooks tool hub on your computer.

  • Double click on the downloaded (QucikBooksToolHub.exe) file. 
  • This will open the installer window.
  • Follow the steps as prompted by the installer
  • Once the installer has completed the installation process, click Finish.

Once the installation has finished, double click the Quickbooks tool hub icon on your desktop to launch it. 

Step 2 | Run quick fix my file  

  • Once the tool hub is launched, Locate the company file issue tab on the left column of the window. Click on it 
  • Select The Quick Fix My File tab under this tab.
  • A window will appear and processing will start.
  • Click on OK once the process is complete and try opening Quickbooks.

Step 3 |  Use the Quickbooks File Doctor

In case you are still facing the issue after running the quick fix my file, we suggest you run the Quickbooks File doctor to analyze the software thoroughly and rectify the issue. To do so, here are the steps you will need:

  • Under the Company File issue in the Quickbooks tool hub, locate the Quickbooks File Doctor option 
  • Once located, Click on Run Quickbooks File Doctor.
  • Have patience, while the File Doctor opens.

*Note: If the Quickbooks File Doctor does not open, manually search and open the  QuickBooks Desktop File Doc

  • Once the QB file doctor opens, navigate to the drop-down menu and choose your company file. (If you are not able to locate your file, select browse and search for your company file.)
  • Put a tick mark next to your company file (Middle option only) and click on continue.
  • Lastly, enter your QB admin password click on Next.  
  • This will launch a scan, let it complete
  • Once done, click on Finish.

The time of the scan depends on the size of your company file(s). Generally, it takes upto 5 minutes. Once the scan is complete. Close Quickbooks file doctor and tool hub. Restart your computer and try opening Quickbooks desktop.

*Note: Even when the scan prompts the message “Scan was Unsuccessful”, there are chances that the issue was fixed. It is best to check if the issue is removed from  Quickbooks desktop or not.


The Quickbooks file doctor tool is a savior for QB users. It is highly recommended that you download and install the Quickbooks tool hub for a regular diagnostic of your software and easy maintenance.  One can say that this tool is the QuickBooks doctor in case of any company file and a network-related issue occurs. 

We hope that you liked the write-up and it was informative for you. Do provide your feedback in the comment section below!


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