Ideas for Indoor photoshoots in the studio

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How to choose a creative idea for an Indoor photoshoot is one of the main questions that arise for those who want to get atmospheric photos. A good idea will help to emphasize the individuality of you and your family photo shoot creates the right mood.

Here are the best ideas for New Year’s photoshoots in the studio, which will definitely inspire you to create holiday pictures!

The new year’s entourage is ready, sparkling lights of garlands and festive decorations take us to the world of magic and wonders. A New Year’s photo session in the photo studio rental services will help you capture this truly fabulous moment. This is a great option for joint pictures of family photoshoots, couples, expectant mothers, and children. 

The article contains the original and best ideas for a New Year’s photoshoot in the studio, as well as recommendations that will help you take many soulful pictures filled with home comfort and a festive mood.

 Happy viewing!

How to prepare for a New Year’s photoshoot

Shooting or getting the photo studio rental services is an interesting, exciting process, the success of which depends on the correct organization of the shooting, the quality of the photographer’s work, and the models themselves. To create interesting and beautiful pictures, you need to prepare in advance for the New Year’s photo session. How to plan everything correctly and not forget anything 

Choosing a studio service and interior

As a rule, New Year’s photo sessions are held in professional studios. There are always comfortable conditions here, at any time you can change your image and correct your makeup. By the way, if you have enough time, during one shoot you can take a picture in several rooms with different interiors, which will diversify your pictures.

 When choosing an interior studio, you should start with the idea of ​​a photoshoot and your preferences. Some prefer the best photo studio rental services with an emphasis on large beautiful spruce, some will choose the minimalism of the Scandinavian style with light interiors, while others will like dark and textured spaces. Discuss your wishes with a photographer – he will definitely offer the best options to choose from (here is a list of the best Singapore photo studios that I recommend).

 It is necessary to book a studio in advance, as in the pre-New Year and New Year periods there is the highest demand for them. Experienced photographers book studio spaces in the summer when their design and even the color palette are still unknown.

Images and clothes for a New Year’s photoshoot

You have chosen the best photographer, decided, and booked beautiful photo studio rental services. Now comes a very important moment of preparation for the New Year’s photo session – the choice of images and clothes. Correctly selected, harmonious things will help to display the magic of the holiday in the photographs and emphasize the individuality of all the heroes of the shooting.

 The outfits should be chosen based on the interior of the photo studio. Everything should be harmonious. Studios, most often, provide several rooms decorated in different styles, so it is advisable to choose several sets of clothes. But, of course, there are also universal ideas for images that are suitable for any studio in the New Year’s design.

  • Festive option. The classic strict style of clothing will emphasize the solemnity of the holiday, add neatness and conciseness to your pictures. A beautiful evening dress to the floor is perfect for a girl (by the way, they can be rented), a suit with a shirt or trousers with a shirt is perfect for a man, and a child can be dressed in things in texture and color similar to those of the parents.
  • Cozy. To create romance and comfort, the following are perfect: knitted dress (preferably light shades), chunky knit sweaters, jumpers, jeans (not too dark), knitted hats, and scarves. And if you want more New Year’s themes, you can always use sets of clothes in Christmas shades: red, burgundy, emerald, white, gold.
  • Home. When choosing home looks for a photoshoot, pay attention to loose comfortable casual clothes. Light-colored jeans, comfortable pants, cotton blouses, and rolled-up shirts work well. Such clothes will further emphasize the sincerity and warmth of the heroes’ relations. A good addition to this idea would be a blanket and hot cocoa. 
  • Light monochromatic clothes without prints, patterns, and rhinestones look best (if this was not initially provided for by the idea of ​​a photoshoot). I recommend choosing colors such as beige, white, brown, milky, burgundy, gray, blue. Clothing should be comfortable and harmoniously combined with the outfits of all participants in the filming process.

In more detail, I discuss the wardrobe with my clients. I will definitely help with the choice of existing clothes or suggest where a suitable option can be bought or rented.


Timeless classics

What is the New Year without Santa Claus and Snow Maiden? Trying on these classic characters is a popular New Year studio photoshoot idea. You don’t have to fully dress in holiday attire. The most recognizable attributes, such as Santa’s hats, will suffice. Experiment with your looks and lots of amazing shots are guaranteed! 

Family look

A great idea for a New Year’s photoshoot in the studio is a family look. This style is gaining more and more popularity both in Russia and abroad. To create a family bow, it is necessary that the clothes of each family member are similar in color, texture, or individual elements.


One of the most original ideas for a New Year’s photo shoot is the process of giving and unpacking gifts. Sincere happy emotions on the faces of loved ones will make the photos as atmospheric as possible and will delight you when viewing your family photo album.

Festive lights

A wonderful and effective idea for New Year’s photos in the studio will be shooting with a garland. The photo session can be carried out both in bright light and with dim light – pictures against the background of shining multi-colored lights will look solemn and bright. By the way, to implement this idea, instead of a garland, you can use candles or sparklers!

On the bed

Is there a bed in your New Year’s studio? Wonderful! Here you can implement many interesting ideas both for family shots, love stories, and for a single photo session. All you have to do is enjoy the filming process, rejoice at the arrival of the New Year, and smile.

With pets

Our fluffy pets deserve to be on the New Year’s photos just as much as ours. A photo session with an animal in the studio is a great idea of ​​a fun pastime that will allow you to get bright and interesting photos. All of them can be a great addition to a family photo album.

Cook together

The kitchen, oddly enough, is a great place to take photos! The joint process of cooking, especially with young children, looks very atmospheric and soulful in the photo. You don’t have to do anything complicated, and Christmas cookies will do. The main ingredient in this idea will be the interaction of the family with each other and your joyful emotions.

Fireplace comfort

New Year’s photography by the fireplace is a great idea to support classic traditions and replenish your photo album with a beautiful family photo shoot that conveys the fabulous atmosphere of the New Year’s celebration! A plaid and the knitted item will add even more coziness to photos.


We all love the New Year. This holiday is associated with a sense of magic and an incredibly fragrant scent of tangerines. Why not use them as props in a studio photoshoot? The bright orange color of this sunny fruit will add New Year’s mood and positive emotions to pictures.


New Year is a time of magic and reincarnation, so a festive masquerade will be a great idea for a New Year’s photo shoot. Using a themed costume, you can plunge back into childhood and try on the image of your favorite character. Or make some of its elements from scrap materials: cat ears, a hare’s tail, deer horns, and other recognizable details. Such a “carnival” will certainly dilute the collection of your photographs.

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