Plumbing: Biggest Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

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More often than not, major plumbing repairs result from careless use and poor maintenance techniques?

In this blog post, we’re going to go over the most common mistakes we’ve seen homeowners make with their plumbing and advise you on alternative ways to take care of your household pipes … the ones that will ensure proper plumbing—high performance for years to come.

Ignore the Signs of Plumbing Failure

Repairs by doing some DIY can save you a lot of money if done correctly.

One of the most common plumbing mistakes comes from careless homeowners; they see and recognize the signs of a plumbing problem but either put them off or ignore the problem altogether.

If you don’t take immediate action to keep your pipes working properly, you create conditions in which these problems and minor symptoms can snowball and become health disasters in their own right.

When you see frequent blockages in pipes, insufficient water flow, pressure, leaks, and irregular water concentrations occur.

Insufficient and Irregular Plumbing Maintenance

However, you don’t have to wait for the warning signs of a plumbing failure to maintain your pipes; a regular self-inspection, once a month, could help prevent the onset of a series of significant plumbing problems.

With a schedule of regular inspections, you can anticipate plumbing problems and proactively resolve them before they turn into disasters.

In addition, we recommend having the plumbing inspected by a best plumber in Karachi at least once a year.

Booking a Cheap Plumber

Trained specialists will be more attentive to plumbing issues that you might not even be aware of, saving you money in the long run if they quickly spot an undetectable warning sign.

Use of Chemicals

Another common plumbing mistake is using chemical cleaning products to dislodge plugs in pipes.

Although they are an emergency solution for small blockages and soiling, these products can damage your pipes after heavy use, as the chemical reactions that make these products work can eat away the interior walls of the pipes and are even dangerous to contact under certain conditions.

Chemical cleaners can be counterproductive when used in your plumbing systems; opt instead for alternative solutions that are just as effective and much safer. So, instead of doing more harm than good by using chemicals, book plumber services in Karachi for an immediate and reliable solution.

Reckless Behavior

The key to plumbing self-inspections is prevention.

Many plumbing problems also stem from improper treatment of pipes, sewage lines, and waste drains.

Often, homeowners run whatever they want through their plumbing, thinking their pipes and drains can take it; however, this is a grave mistake, which very often leads to severe damage and subsequent build-up of lines.

Know what can and cannot go through your waste disposal system.

For example, avoid throwing away:

  • fibrous or stringy foods,
  • plastic packaging,
  • animal bones

and excess fat in your trash.

These agents can damage the blades of your mulcher and, very often, cause heavy build-up in household pipes. Therefore, it is always safer to book the best plumber in Karachi for all kinds of plumbing inspections and interventions.

Leave the Exterior Pipes Connected in Winter

Seasonal changes seem to happen overnight, and it’s easy for homeowners to forget to disconnect the hoses once the weather cools down.

By keeping your garden hose plugged into the outdoor faucet during the winter months, you can freeze and burst water lines, resulting in costly water damage inside your home.

You can easily avoid this problem by disconnecting outdoor hoses during the colder months and shutting off the water supply or outdoor locations.

Misuse of Sewage Pipes

Although garbage disposal is a daily practice that eliminates food waste quickly and easily, many homeowners abuse their sewage pipes by throwing in several household items that are damaging and cause unwanted build-up.

To keep your drainage system and pipes in good condition, avoid throwing fibrous foods in your sink, such as

  • the celery,
  • plastic film,
  • aluminum foil,
  • coffee grounds,
  • bones
  • or excess fat.

These elements will damage the blades of the mulchers and clog your pipes.

Misuse of pipe cleaner

Homeowners Often Overlook the Importance of Plumbing Systems

Every homeowner has likely used a chemical pipe cleaner before to remove clogs or build-up in the shower or sink, but if you use these solutions often to clean the pipes, you run the risk of damage the plumbing in your home.

These pipe cleaners use harsh chemicals to remove and destroy these tough plugs, and the chemicals will start to eat away at the walls of PVC and metal pipes.

Trying to Repair Yourself Without Being Prepared

Another very common (and extremely risky) plumbing mistake we encounter occurs when homeowners attempt to repair their plumbing on their own without having the tools, techniques, or know-how to fix their plumbing problems effectively.

Frankly, it is better to book plumber services in Karachi than to embark on complicated repairs yourself.

However, if you are trying to make repairs on your own to fix plumbing problems, you must have the required tools on hand, luckily.

These tools include:

  • Standard basin wrenches and pipe wrenches
  • A metal file
  • A hacksaw to cut existing pipes
  • Adjustable wrench, hexagonal

Along with having the right tools, make sure you know what part of your plumbing system is problematic and how to fix it best.

However, if this is too much for you, simply book an online plumber in Karachi through Mr. Mahir app for affordable, safe, easy, and reliable services.

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