What Makes Nextech EMR an Ideal Fit for Your Practice?

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Nextech EMR Software 

Healthcare practitioners can use Nextech to get an electronic medical record, practice management, revenue cycle management, and patient engagement solution. Nextech EMR has 11,000 providers and 4,000 practices as customers. In addition, Nextech assists multiple specialities, including Ophthalmology, Plastic surgery, Dermatology, and Orthopedics. 

You can also use the web-based Nextech EMR mobile app to check appointments, see patient profiles, and get complete EMR information from anywhere at any time. With patient photographs for customization and the ability to doodle directly on images and graphics, the iPad program emulates the look and feel of a paper charting system. 

Significant Features of Nextech EMR Software 

Streamlined Patient Charting 

Nextech EMR offers streamlined templates that are speciality-specific to make your clinical documentation procedures easier. Furthermore, you can alter these templates to meet your specific needs and tastes. Not only does adding notes to these templates speed up charting, but it also improves accuracy. 

Could-based Interface 

This cloud-based EMR software is quite adaptable. This implies that it may be accessible from any location and device as long as an active internet connection is available. In addition, you are no longer bound by bulky hardware because the system is available on the browser. 

Artificial Intelligence 

The next aspect we’d like to discuss is the artificial intelligence functionality in Nextech EMR software. This feature assists you in swiftly adjusting to the software because the software can study your habits. When the software understands your preferences and requirements, it will automatically suggest these options to you the next time you use it, making things much easier for you.  

Overall, having software that adjusts to your needs is crucial since it makes your entire experience much more pleasurable. 

Appointment Scheduling 

Keeping track of appointments is a time-consuming process. They are made more accessible by Nextech EMR, which automates the scheduling procedure so that you may concentrate on providing care. You can use the first available appointment finder to schedule an appointment. The latter emphasizes the free day and time in a matter of seconds. This feature guarantees that no meetings clash at the same time. 

You can reschedule appointments on the calendar by dragging and dropping them. Patients also receive automated reminders to avoid no-shows and latecomers. In addition, patients’ responses directly integrate into the software, allowing you to distinguish between confirmed and unconfirmed appointments. 

Lab Integration 

Lab connectivity is another vital feature of Nextech EMR. You can use this option to order tests for your patients through the program automatically. In addition, the Nextech EMR software obtains patient lab reports from the lab automatically. Overall, the integration feature saves you time by having all of the information you need to establish a diagnosis. 

Electronic Prescription 

The Nextech medical software is user-friendly and hence, provides a tool that makes prescribing medications a breeze. You can prescribe prescriptions and instantaneously share them with many pharmacies across the country using the e-prescribing capability. This functionality also aids in prescription refill requests. You can also see if a patient has any pill allergies so that you can avoid prescribing identical drugs. 

Moreover, you can directly transmit lab tests orders from the system to laboratories. Thus, the moment a test result is available, it immediately integrates into the system. This feature enables patients to receive high-quality care promptly. 

Patient Portal 

Nextech EMR offers a user-friendly interface to aid patients in accessing healthcare. They can use it to make appointments at their leisure, obtain prescription refills, and examine their medical records at any time. Patients can also make changes to their account preferences or demographics from the convenience of their own homes. 

Patients may check their account balance and schedule telehealth visits using an easy-to-use smartphone app. They are also able to contact doctors if needed. To lower the chances of security breaches, the messaging tool and the entire software are HIPAA compliant. 


The Telehealth component of Nextech makes virtual visits a reality. Patients can have virtual appointments with doctors regardless of their location. You can simultaneously document patient contacts to save time and boost appointment intakes. An entirely digital and contact-free experience is accessible when paired with the patient portal. Furthermore, you do not have to stress approximately sensitive information being lost due to security breaches because the system is HIPAA compliant. 

Nextech EMR Pricing 

The Nextech software’s provider does not disclose the Nextech EMR pricing and only gives it out on demand. Therefore, to obtain a price, you must contact the supplier through the company’s website. 

Overall, Nextech EMR software has reasonable pricing, according to numerous Nextech EMR reviews. However, it costs the same as any other EMR package, at more than $100 per user.  

Reviews Nextech EMR  


  • The content of the templates is relevant to specialities, and you can also customize them. 
  • There is a user-friendly patient portal that decreases wait times and improves patient involvement and happiness. 
  • The communication tool helps patients and team members communicate more effectively. 


  • Users must wait a long time for their concerns to be handled, indicating a lack of customer service and technical assistance. 

Our Final Thoughts 

Browse as many Nextech EMR reviews as you can to discover what other people think of it and whether or not they would suggest it to you. Users can give you a solid sense of what to expect; thus, this is a great way to learn about the products. 

You should also contrast Nextech EMR’s features to the comprehensive list of features you’d want in an EMR software, as this will help you decide if Nextech EMR is the best alternative for you to build. 

Finally, we strongly suggest you schedule a Nextech EMR demo before purchasing the program since seeing the product in action will help you determine if it is the correct fit for you and your needs. 

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