How to Make Money While Traveling in an RV?

Make Money While Traveling an RV
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Many times readers ask how you would make money while you are travelling in the RV. And as we know that van life is just becoming more and more popular. I have researched the best ways you can sustain life while you live in the van. People who often live their life on wheels and always travelling need some temporary jobs to get some money and that happens quite a few times. you need a handful of money to make a life for yourself. also getting to know what kind of things and experiences you need. keep reading as in this article we have summed up. There are so many temporary jobs you need to make a living or earn a good amount of cash. I have enlisted all of them in this article that can help you earn some money and not all of them require experience just go through it take a look.

just give it a good read and enjoy the experience of making money with an RV while travelling.

So in this post, there are many ways elaborated with which you can earn money with the RV. Or while living in the RV.

Why You Want to Live in The VAN or Maybe an RV

  • Not each one of us is born for the office jobs, the desk jobs. Many times people want to roam around from one place to another, travel the world and enjoy life.
  • It is very common if you believe that many rich people having a lot of money can travel the world all around. Now that is one hell of a big myth.
  • Truth to be told, you don’t have to be millionaires travelling around the world. In fact, living in a van or RV has proved to be so cost-effective and has different ways to save more and more money.

How is It Possible for The RVers to Make Money While Travelling 

Today’s world economy has made it easier for many people to travel around in their RV’s live a life in the van and still make money.

Making money and travelling is a pastime for many people. But for some of them earning money while you travel in an RV is a full-time job.

There are various job opportunities for people who want to earn some money while travelling in the RV.


One great way of earning money while you travel in the RV is that you work in the campground. Camping can be a seasonal profession for many people for a long time. It can be the best way for you to make money when you want to travel.

One profession you must consider and that is bartending

Yes, bartending is never dull. Also, working as a bartender and travelling at the same time is one hell of a choice for many people around the world.

There are many great advantages of working as a bartender especially when you are travelling because in this way you may get the chance to attend so many cool parties and you can enjoy all the fun.

Also, the bartender would not require any kind of qualification or even experience. Just work for a few hours and earn a living decent amount of money.

A Work Camping Job

This working would be an essential part when you are travelling in the RV. Or maybe it is just a part of the RVing lifestyle. If you don’t know work camping is a trading type of service. Which you can get in exchange for a free kind of service or maybe the salary. Many times people believe that work camping is just for retired people. But, no they might fail in realizing that this is one hell easy way of earning money.

Domestic Help

This one is always required. So it is very clear and straightforward to find a domestic cleaning while you travel. Many times people search for someone who can help them in the house like with dishes, laundry or maybe gardening all kind of such tasks.

Do you ever find yourself in such a state where you are travelling but you also want to make some money for these situations domestic cleaning is a better option. Not necessarily money but you can ask for some other things in exchange for the domestic help you provide to them. Like you may ask for a place where you can stay, maybe somewhere you can do your laundry for maybe a few months, weeks or even years.

Not Just This But Travelling Photography May Help You Earn Some Money.

So, do you have a good camera and also some kind of skills that would help you take some beautiful photos. You should consider this as travelling photography might be a good way of earning money. Click some aesthetic photos of so many attractive and popular things while travelling. Not just this but some local places in the country. With this, you can post them on Instagram and other sites and earn some good money. You can also sell such pictures to magazines, websites and newspapers. You can also develop a style, a signature style of your own. So that you may mark your uniqueness.

This would help you develop your very own portfolio. In some other cases, you may use this portfolio to get clients and other photography assignments. Not just this but you can take photos of other people, and with this way you can make some money.

Finding Various Jobs on Craigslist

  • If you find it hard to earn money while you’re travelling. Just look for a Craigslist job.
  • Craigslist is an online website that is advertising all kinds of jobs that you may find there. It has a section alone dedicated to these types of things.
  • Just upload your resume, and through this, you will be able to get in touch with the people hiring you.
  • Getting some kind of job from craigslist is very convenient and easy while you are travelling.
  • You don’t just have to stop your sightseeing or even the travelling plans for many job interviews.
  • Not just this but the national parks and their employees may season all year.
  • The national park wants to educate many visitors, like carrying out the research all of these protecting the well being of the national parks and all such stuff.
  • The national parks are very big and they need assistance for a long time.
  • If you think you are travelling around the RV, you can use these techniques and volunteer yourself.

Also, visit national parks and see if there are seasonal opportunities available, and here you can apply without hesitations. and every new and old temporary job that can help you earn a good amount of cash.


In this article, I have explained to you the purpose of living in a van, what things you must consider and how you can make a living by travelling and driving a van. Not just this but many career opportunities one should consider if they feel like earning some money while travelling. You have all the opportunities you should consider before going on a van and making an easy peasy life for yourself.

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