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Every brand out there is probably looking out for some option for low-cost and high-impact advertising.  The truth is, a lot of brands spend a lot more time on the internet than they should. Despite this, a lot of brands are going for a tight advertising budget. Most brands prefer to indulge in what is called Pay Per Click advertising (PPC). This is an advertising option that allows brands to put their product solutions in front of millions of internet users.

In the course of this article, we would be learning what PPC advertising is, and the many benefits of opting for it. Without further mouthing, let us delve in.


What is PPC advertising?

Pay per click can be defined as an advertising format where brands pay a small amount of money anytime an internet user makes a click on their ads. This is different from spending money on an estimate of impressions. Here brands make payment for the traffic that their ads generate. This advertising option is best for brands that want to have total control over their ad budget and performance.

One of the most popular platforms that offer PPC advertising is the Google Ads platform. Other examples include; Microsoft Advertising, Facebook Ads, and Twitter. Of all these PPC advertising options, Google Ads is the most valuable of all of them.  Let us take a look at the 3 major types of Google Advertising:


The Display Network

This consists of ads that are image-based and are displayed on websites that internet users visit. Display ads in Google ads come in the form of banners, sidebar images, and footer images.

Search Network


Search networks in Google Ads can be seen as text-based ads that appear on Google Search results. They come up as sponsored links, shopping pages and also come out in the results of a shopping banner.


These are video-based ads on the Google Ads PPC platform. They are mostly seen on the youtube video hosting platform, where they appear after, during, or before the video content.

The main aim of a PPC advertising campaign is to direct a customer to a landing page where they can take sales action. Some of such simple sales actions could be to sign up for a product, submit a form for lead generation or make a direct purchase.

In the course of subsequent paragraphs, we would be looking at 10 reasons why a brand should indulge in PPC advertising in 2021.

#1. With PPC ads, you can reach Audiences in a cost-effective way

With a PPC ad campaign, a brand can enjoy total control over its ad budget, placements, and targeting. A brand can also locate a sweet space in between results and budgets. This is mainly due to the fact that a brand only pays for the clicks.

#2. With PPC  a brand can get instant traffic

Another interesting advantage of PPC advertising is that a brand gets to enjoy instant traffic. This is due to the fact that the advertising campaign is about clicks and not impressions. With organic making efforts bent on getting your brand to the first page of Google, a PPC campaign and there to boost your SEO efforts.

To be able to claim an organic SERP for some keywords can take months, which is a long-term marketing strategy. But with PPC, you can get results instantly. PPC advertising is designed in a way that it allows brands to start driving targeted traffic to their sites to get immediate sales conversion results.

#3. PPC can drive Warm Leads to a brand

With PPC ads, a brand can target the right audience and the point at which they are searching for the product that you are selling. The product solution of your brand would appear before internet users that already have an interest in what

#4. PPC ads cause an increase in ROI

Pay-per-click ad campaigns is a sure-fire way to boost a brand’s Return on Investment. Anything that can be measured can be improved and also monetized. Unlike other options for advertising, Pay per click campaigns are easy to measure and track. That is why it is easy to analytically track your ROI and see whether you have a positive book.

#5. You can improve your SEO effort with PPC user data

With PPC user data, you can test your keyword strategy before making commitments to indulge in long-term SEO strategies. The truth is, in practice, organic keywords are always hidden due to privacy. But with paid search, there is no restriction to paid search. This means that a brand can have access to an overview of keywords that can convert and bring in profit for a brand.


#6. PPC ads do not need an algorithm change

There are other content marketing strategies that largely depend on the algorithm updates of search engines. Well PPC advertisement is majorly exclusive. They offer a lot of stability in that regard.

It is very rare to find high-impact changes in a PPC algorithm. What this implies, is that a brand can quantify how its campaign is going to perform based on previous metrics. For instance, if a keyword like “Tems Biography” loses its search, PPC ad campaign tools like Google Ads can access it.

#7. PPC ad campaigns offer Multi-layered Targeting options

PPC ad campaigns put to good use sensitive data such as users’ ages, locations, and interests at the fingertips of brands. This makes it easy to be able to target a particular demographic of customers. To even make it better, PPC allows you to experiment with this data and find out what advertising approach best suits your brand. Your brand can be able to measure the kind of users that respond to their ad campaigns and discount codes.

#8. PPC user data is beneficial for your social media marketing strategy

With an integrated PPC campaign that is done across search and social media platforms,  the cost per acquisition can be significantly reduced when converting customers.  With the aid of the cross-channel customer data that you would get, it would be easy to be better strategic in future ad campaigns.

For instance, if your brand is doing an advertisement campaign on Google, you can use “Audience observations” to see the best audience groups that perform better than others. With this information, you can reach out to more people.

#9.  PPC ads allow brands to perform Smart Retargeting

PPC advertising is a feature that can be combined with analytics to see how an internet user interacts with your campaign to retarget people who don’t convert.

Let us now make an assumption that you run a PPC campaign for a new product solution. When a user makes a click on an ad but doesn’t make a purchase. Your brand can go on further to retarget that internet user with display ads across the web to keep yourself at the front of your game.

It is with retargeting that your brand can know that a user has an interest in a product. They might only just need some time to make a buying choice. With ad retargeting, there are higher chances of product conversions.

As a brand, you can show tangible product ads in your retargeting campaign, so the user is reminded of what they are missing. With this PPC strategy, your brand can improve its brand awareness and get new customers.

#10. It is easy to Promote PPC ads

One great thing about Pay per click advertising is that they do not need complicated production skills. The truth is, PPC ads are very easy to set up and are readily available to every business. With Google advertising at your beck and call, you can create profit-yielding PPC campaigns.


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