We Debunked and Busted these 10 Myths about Massage

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Massage therapists manipulates muscles, tendons, skins, and ligaments by giving a professional massage. Getting a professional massage from Geylang Spa ideally promotes a person’s well-being, fitness, and overall lifestyle.

However, different myths are associated with massage. But, you have to educate yourself and get to know more about the remarkable benefits of massage therapy.

Let’s bust these myths together!

  • Massage is Same No Matter Where You Go

Do you know there are multiple types of massage and your massage therapist chooses the ideal massage type according to your body needs?

So, keep in mind every massage type is different with exceptional benefits.

Here’s the list of some common massage types;

  • Swedish Massage
  • Table Thai Yoga Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Orthopaedic Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • And many more

A massage therapist requires special skills and expertise to perform any of the massages mentioned above.

  • Massage is to Pamper Yourself

No, it’s not true.

There are several other benefits of massage, including;

  • It perfectly treats stress, anxiety, and depression. Moreover, getting a professional massage perfectly treats insomnia.
  • Massage heals injury and speeds up the process of rehabilitation.
  • It can boost up your energy level after a hectic routine.
  • Some massage techniques are advantageous to treat headaches.
  • The majority of research studies have confirmed that getting a frequent massage reduces blood pressure and improves blood flow in the body.

Therefore, it is quite incorrect to say that people opt for massage for pampering purposes only. It has several other benefits, and you need to consider all of them.

  • The Key Sign of Effective Massage Is Being Sore Next Day

Surely, it is normal to feel pain and tenderness after a massage, especially when you get a deep tissue massage. Being sore isn’t the only indication of effective massage. Generally, people feel discomfort and pain during the massage. It is suggested to keep the pain range between 6-7 out of 10.  No one can tolerate extreme pain.

  • Massage Removes Toxin Material Out from Your Body

It is one of the most common misconceptions about massage. Also, there isn’t significant evidence about how massage flushes toxin material out of your body. Nevertheless, getting regular massage for quite a long improves blood circulation in the body and helps in removing toxin material from your body.

  • Massage Can Discard Cellulite

No, massage doesn’t discard cellulite. You have to adopt a healthy lifestyle as engaging in physical activities can help you in reducing cellulite. You can improve your arse’s pain by getting a professional massage from a well-reputed massage center or spa.

  • Stay Hydrated Soon After the Massage

It is not compulsory to drink enough water soon after the massage. You can drink water as it keeps your body healthier and hydrated. So, don’t drink water if you feel nauseous after massage. You can drink it after an hour or taking some rest. It is suggested to drink fluids but not a compulsion.

  • Pregnant Women Can’t Get a Massage

No, it’s not true.

A pregnant woman can get a massage as it’s healthy for mother and baby. Generally, women don’t get a massage in their first trimester, and it’s alright if they aren’t safe with it. Expected women can get a massage in the second and third trimesters as it’s a secure option for them.

One of the key benefits of getting a massage during pregnancy is that it reduces stress, anxiety, and pains a woman experiences during pregnancy.

  • You Can’t Interrupt A Therapist During a Massage

You can discuss anything with your massage therapist if you aren’t feeling comfortable about it. Let your therapist know if you need more or less massage pressure. You can talk about something that hurts you, and you want to terminate it immediately.

  • Massage Strengthens Your Muscles Only

Undoubtedly, massage strengthens your muscles significantly, but it has different other benefits too. For instance, it improves scars and injuries. Moreover, it plays a vital role in mitigating stress, anxiety, depression, and associated diseases. You can get sports massage therapy before any special sport. But massage has other advantages too.

  • Massage is Always Costly

Generally, the chosen massage type helps in deciding the overall expenses of massage. Each session takes 60 to 90 minutes, and you have to pay approximately $100 every time you visit the spa.

Indeed, people can easily manage the expenses as getting a professional massage is helpful for their healthy life.

Massage: A Positive Focus on a Healthy Mindset

So, don’t worry about myths as they make no sense in a realistic world. Try to collect all the relevant information about massage and its significance in real life.

Remember; the selection of a well-reputed spa can help you enjoy evident results for a little longer.

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