Top 10 Causes Of Liver Cancer

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Out of all the filters across the globe, a human liver is essentially the most powerful one. The organ works non-stop, filtering the useful nutrients, enzymes and drugs from the chemicals that our blood carries from the stomach. 

Its work doesn’t stop here; our livers also banish toxins and unwanted excretions from our system, making the life processes hassle-free. And with all the blood passing through its sieve-like body, our livers also fall prey to cancer cells.

There are different liver cancer treatment options available all over the world. But how about treating the malignity way before it found its way into your body?

As proven by several clinical studies, liver cancers often arise from the negligent lives that we lead. Of course, some cellular and bodily degradation leads to the disease, but the roots can be traced back to that one bad habit you weren’t ready to let go of.


Decoding Liver Cancers

Liver cancers are nothing but a mutation of liver cells that deviate from their usual DNA. These DNAs of healthy cells are responsible for handling the chemical ins and outs of the entire filtration procedure. Now, this mutation has two broader underlying causes.

First, cancer happens due to genetic mutation, which in turn came from the chronic history of diseases, and another is the overexertion of the organ or substance abuse. Even though the reasons are poles apart, there is only one result. Your cells would go on to replicate the degradation and grow out of control unless the right liver cancer treatment is provided.

Major Factors Leading To Liver Cancers

Here is a list of ten of the probable causes of liver cancers:

  • Chronic Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C

The risk of cancerous cells attacking our livers increases once the organ is diagnosed with HBV or HCV. Thus, we must seek medical help during the early stages of both the infections as the medications during the early stages is enough to control the degradation.

  • Inherited Liver Diseases

Some deviations from the normal liver cell genes are encoded within our bodies. We inherit these diseases from our parents or family history. Such people are often diagnosed with conditions like hemochromatosis or Wilson’s disease. Now, these people have to keep the utmost care of their livers throughout their lives to avoid complications.

  • Cirrhosis

Cirrhosis is irreversible scarring of liver tissues, leaving them useless, thereby filling our bodies with toxins. Cirrhosis till date is the biggest reason among people developing liver complications. 

  • Diabetes

Blood sugar disorders play a major role in putting our livers into distress. The unbalanced sugar levels affect the functioning of the liver, making it weaker and prone to cancer cells.

  • Fatty Liver

Fatty liver is a product of an unhealthy diet. If by any chance, your liver has too much fat and lipid accumulation due to your unhealthy eating habits, the chances of liver cancer go multiplicatively higher.

  • Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse ranks very high among the factors causing liver cancer. Even your chances of getting liver cancer treatment through transplant are reduced if you show a history of alcohol abuse.

  • Drugs And Substance

Drugs and substance abuse not only damages the liver but also weakens our immune response. Clinical studies also have proven that some of the medication refuses to work on people known to consume non-prescription drugs.

  • Obesity

Obesity or high body mass index also increases the chances of liver cancer. Controlling extra calories or seeking help for your situation in the early days can help in this case.

  • Aflatoxins

Now, this is a case where a person consumes poorly stored food items and falls sick due to mold formation on their liver linings. The aflatoxins attack the food grains and nuts mostly, so it is very important that you pay a little more attention to what you buy and eat.

  • Metastasis Transmission

Sometimes, if cancer has progressed rapidly to all the other parts of the body, it starts reaching out to your liver via lymphatic nodes and causes severe damage. Therefore, if you are undergoing cancer treatment, please be honest with your oncologist and explain your liver symptoms as well.


Things To Keep In Mind

Based on the pointers given above, here are few things that we can do to ensure our liver’s healthy life:

  • Moderate your alcohol consumption.
  • Exercises and physical activities are good ways for toxin release.
  • Regulate your calories consumption.
  • Say no to substance abuse, smoking, any intoxication.


Our livers are quite delicate in their chemical structure. While they have been busy throughout serving our body and maintaining our health, it is our duty that their job inside is not hampered due to our external negligence. Ask your primary healthcare provider about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keep yourself healthy inside out.

You can also book an appointment at Max Healthcare, the leading medical facility in India, for consultations and liver treatments.

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