Decor Ideas for a Beautiful Front Lawn

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Your home is in need of some serious curb appeal updates. Your front lawn is one detail that impacts your home’s first impression to anyone who passes. So why not put your best foot forward and give your home exterior a refresh?

Not sure where to start when it comes to decorating your front lawn but want to add some serious curb appeal? Have no fear! These front lawn decor ideas are easy to install and will have a near-instant beautifying effect.

Decorate with Rocks Throughout Your Lawn

One of the most versatile materials you can use when landscaping your lawn is rocks. Coming in a variety of sizes and colors, you can create many designs that fit any aesthetic style.

Use large rocks for a rustic, rugged look. Or try smaller, smooth stones for a sleek modern look. Play with color by choosing black lava rocks or white pebbles to contrast the greenery of your lawn.

Stack rocks to create a retaining wall or use them to line a garden bed. Rocks can even highlight other features in your yard like trees, fountains, or lights.

Add Lighting Fixtures

Nighttime gives you the opportunity to create unique designs with lighting. Give your lawn a soft glow during the night hours by using a stylish lighting design in your yard.

Try small solar lights that line the walkway leading to your front door. Or highlight the porch with a collection of lanterns. Light posts add a traditional feel, while spotlights can highlight a yard feature.

Try Ground Cover in Hard-to-Grow Areas

Not every lawn has the ability to grow lush green grass. But that doesn’t mean your yard is doomed to a life of brown patches. If your yard has a difficult time growing grass, try planting ground cover instead.

Pachysandra, creeping juniper, and ajuga are great to add more greenery. But, if you’re looking to add more florals, you may want to try creeping thyme, Aronia, and Dianthus.

Before planting new ground cover, however, check which plants are native to your area.

Add Color with Perennial Shrubs

Your front lawn doesn’t need to be all green. In fact, adding a pop of color can brighten up your home and yard. Flowers, especially, are a great way to add a vivid look to your home.

Perennial shrubs bloom every year, adding color in the spring and summertime. Azaleas, camellias, and hydrangeas are all popular perennials. But you may also be interested in elderberry, Indian Hawthorne, and spireas.

Plant New Trees

Trees offer beauty year-round, making your yard feel like a cozy hideaway behind the branches and leaves. And trees are one of the few yard decor ideas that will only get better with age.

You may already have a few large, old trees in your yard. But if you have the room, consider planting a few new trees as an accent to your lawn. Some varieties will require more care than others, but most are hardy and resilient.

Consider fruit trees like apples, pears, and cherries. Or you may like flowering trees like dogwoods, magnolias, and cherry blossoms.

Erect a Flag Pole

Want to show a love for your country, your favorite sports team, or the state? Why not erect a flag pole in your front yard to proudly feature your beliefs. You can find an easy-to-install flag pole for your yard at

Try a telescoping flag pole or a wall-mounted flag pole for your porch. Decorate the base of your flagpole with flowers or rocks. You may even want to add accessories like a spotlight to show off your flag at night. 

Highlight a Water Feature

There’s nothing more stunning in a front yard than a water feature. These features are already a unique piece to have outside your home. But you can also get a custom water feature designed for your yard.

Try a fountain surrounded by the walkway up to the front door. From large, ornate fountains to sleek modern ones, there is a water feature ideal for your yard.

Want something a little more relaxing? Add a waterfall that rolls into a pond next to a small flower garden.

Refresh Your Fence

if you have a fenced-in front yard, you have a great opportunity for some unique yard decor ideas. One place to start is with a fresh coat of paint. You can stain the wood or go for a bold color like blue or red. Ivy trellis are also good option as it fits in multiples as yard art, wall art or setting against fencing, exterior walls or brickwork and enhance the look of front lawn.

Love plants Add a vertical herb garden or climbing plants to add a bit of life and greenery. Or try the rustic cottage feel by adding an arched entryway surrounded by wildflowers.

Design a Stunning Pathway

Make the walk up to your home feel like a runway by redesigning the path. You have so many options to create a stunning pathway. Incorporate large stones or small rocks.

Frame concrete pavers with grass in between. Stepping stones, bricks, and wood also make great materials for a pathway design. Line your pathway with flowers, solar lights, and sanding rocks.

Relax on New Porch Furniture

Now that you have a beautiful front lawn, why not take a moment to revel and enjoy it. Treat your porch to some new furniture that you can relax on during the summer evenings.

A set of comfy outdoor sofas are great to sink into after a long day. Or add a porch swing you can enjoy coffee on weekend mornings. With such a gorgeous new lawn, you deserve to relax in it.

Front Lawn Decor Ideas to Transform Your Home Exterior

Your home’s exterior is like a personal first impression. It can say so much about who lives there and what their style is like. That’s why so many designers fixate on curb appeal.

Your front lawn is one of the best ways you can improve your home’s curb appeal. Use these front lawn decor ideas to transform your home into one that looks like it came off the glossy pages of a design magazine.

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