How To Find & Erase Duplicate Photos On Your Android Smartphone? (2021)

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Want to quickly find and delete duplicate photographs on Android? Read this step-by-step guide on how to keep your Android gallery free from exact and similar-looking pics! 

DID YOU KNOW? Approximately 39% of photographs on your smartphone are identical copies of the original file. This not only makes your entire photo collection a mess but also take up lots of memory that can be used for storing other valuable multimedia files. So, why do you need to keep those useless duplicate data on your Android?

Using a dedicated duplicate photo cleaner can certainly be of great help when it comes to erasing exact and similar-looking pictures in a few clicks. Thanks to these nifty duplicate removers that you no longer have to sit for hours and sift through hundreds of folders to find and delete duplicate snaps. But how do you know which one is the best duplicate cleaning application on Google Play Store? 

What Makes An App The Best Duplicate Photo Remover In The Market?

Well, simply stick to the following factors when choosing a great duplicate photo finder for Android: 

1. Lightning-Fast 

Consider using a duplicate image finder that scans your device at a blazing speed. 

2. Laser-accurate 

Use a clone image cleaner that provides true duplicates along with similar-looking snaps. 

3. Attractive dashboard 

Choose a reliable duplicate cleaner for mobile that has a fresh, modern & intuitive UI. 

4. Preview before recovery 

It should show all the detected duplicates in a proper format for easy reviewing so that users can easily get rid of them in no time. 

5. Supports scanning specific folders or an entire library 

Choose an app that helps users in scanning, finding and removing identical copies from each album or whole storage. 

6. Support for multiple file formats 

Be it JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, TGA, or something else, install the duplicate photo remover that supports almost all popular image file formats. 

Meet Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro By Systweak Software

As its name suggests, Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is the perfect application to easily get rid of any useless identical copies of photos in no time. It offers a variety of scanning modes that helps users to declutter their photo collection and recover a huge chunk of unnecessary occupied space in a single scan. You have options to either scan specific folders to scan for exact or similar-looking images, directly scan entire storage or just the camera roll folder

Follow the instructions mentioned below to learn how to find duplicate images on Android smartphones and delete them to recover tons of space: 

STEP 1 = Go to the play store and install Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro on your device. 

Click here to download

STEP 2 = As soon as you launch the application, you’ll be asked how would you like to scan for duplicate snaps on your mobile. You can choose to perform Full System Scan, Camera Images or Select Folder of your choice to deduplicate.  

STEP 3 = Once you made your choice, hit the Scan for Duplicates button to initiate the scanning process. 

STEP 4 = It would take a few moments for this duplicate photo finder for Android to list out exact and similar-looking photographs. 


STEP 5 = As soon as the scanning process is completed, you’ll observe photos in each group will be automatically marked, leaving the original copy. Hit the Trash icon to delete duplicate images in one go. 

scanning process

Note: In case you want to get true duplicates detected on your smartphone, make sure you tap the “Set photos similarity level” on the main screen and adjust the matching level according to your preferences.

matching level

Why Choose Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro As Your Go-To App To Declutter Your Gallery?

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is an amazing duplicate image cleaner you can install on your mobile right away to instantly identify exact and similar-looking snaps and free up space on Android. Here’re the set of advantages you can enjoy using this clone image finder. 

Gives you an organized photo gallery by removing unwanted dupes.  Size: 12 M 
Easy-to-use interface, suitable for both novice and advanced users.  Current Version:
Flexible scanning modes to run a comprehensive scan and find duplicates from internal storage & SD card.  Last Updated: 20 January 2021 
Helps in recovering tons of storage space in a few taps. Requires Android: 4.1 & Up 
Results are sorted in multiple groups, making it effortless for users to view & delete copies. Installs: 50,000+
Works with advanced algorithms & doesn’t judge photos based on name, size but rather on metadata and similar pixels etc. Offered By: Systweak Software 

What Do Users Have To Say About Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro?

Well, before wrapping up our today’s guide on How To Find & Erase Duplicate Photos On Your Android Smartphone? we would like you to see what current users are saying about the application: 


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