How to Display Your Facebook Page Reviews in WordPress – Best Plugins

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Ever since Facebook started the Facebook Business Page feature, brands and businesses started highly leveraging this feature by promoting their products and services on the platform. 

It did not take brand users long to start leaving their experiences and reviews of the brand and its products on the page. If you want to learn more about WordPress plugins for SMBs then you can read this blog.

In this blog, we are going to tell you about the best plugins to use which you can easily collect, curate, and embed Facebook Reviews on your website in a few easy steps. 

Let’s get started! 


Best Plugins To Display Facebook Page Reviews On WordPress 


  • Taggbox WordPress Plugin 

First on the list is the Taggbox WordPress plugin that is a User-Generated Content platform and a social media aggregation plugin specially designed for WordPress to enable the users to collect, curate, and embed Facebook feeds including reviews on the WordPress website. 

The users have the option to customize the feed using their preferred templates, layouts, fonts, colors, etc to enhance the overall look of the widget and make it more attractive. 

The plugin offers an advanced moderation panel that allows users to remove any unwanted or objectionable content from the widget and to maintain the content of utmost quality. 

Moreover, the plugin offers an analytics feature to the users to get deeper insights and to track the overall performance of the widget. 

Additionally, the plugin offers active back assistance to the users if they come across any technical issues while accessing the plugin. 


  • Flow-Flow 

Flow-Flow is another great plugin that allows users to embed feeds on the website. Apart from Facebook, the plugin also collects feeds from other social media platforms at one go and embeds them on the WordPress website. 

The free version of the plugin allows the users to add up to 4 social feeds at a time. Moreover, the plugin updates the content instantly and automatically.


  • Facebook Reviews  

Another plugin that enables the users to seamlessly put up reviews on the WordPress website is Facebook reviews. 

The users have the option to display the review while selecting from a variety of options like a carousel form, grid, etc. 

The users can customize the widget while selecting from various other customizable options. 


  • Facebook Feed WordPress Plugin 

Facebook feed WordPress plugin is another efficient plugin that can help users integrate content from Facebook and embed it on the website. 

The basic version of the plugin enables the users to customize the widget by selecting from a variety of templates, including a carousel, timeline, and other options. 


  • Facebook Feed Widget WordPress Plugin 

Another easy-to-use and responsive plugin with amazing features is the Facebook feed widget WordPress plugin. 

The plugin allows the users to integrate the Facebook account with the WordPress website and it gets updated automatically, whenever there is a new update on the feed. 


Benefits Of Embedding Facebook Reviews On Website 


  • Build Trust & Loyalty 

A high percentage of your potential customers leverage other user’s reviews and testimonials before making a final purchase.

Surveys suggest that more than 80% of users trust User-Generated content much more than any other content published by the brand. 

If a customer is apprehensive about buying a product from your brand, going through reviews would help you build that faith in your potential customer and it would give a sense of loyalty to your existing customers. 


  • Improved Conversions & Sales 

Embedding Facebook reviews can help you tremendously increase your conversions and sales significantly since once you gain the trust of your customers, they would be compelled to make purchases and try out your brand which would ultimately lead to an increase in conversions and sales. 


  • More Exposure And Following On Facebook 

Displaying Facebook reviews can help your brand gain more attention from other users resulting in more exposure. Moreover, the more people review your product and speak about your brand, the more will be curious about your brand and its products. 

Additionally, the visitors on your website going through the reviews shall feel the need to redirect themselves to your Facebook account and hit that follow button to connect and engage more with your brand leading to more following on your Facebook account. 


Closing Note

We are at the end of the blog and you got to know it all about Facebook reviews.

Facebook reviews play a major role in increasing the engagement of your users on the website.

Moreover, it helps in increasing the dwell time of your visitors since they would be compelled to increase their stay time due to curiosity.

Now that you know the benefits as well as the best plugins to embed your Facebook reviews on your website, get going, select your best fit and get embedding to garner maximum attention from your users and to take your brand towards the path of success!

There are a lot of plugins that you can add to your WordPress website and enhance its functionality. A custom software development company can help you in plugin development and provide you with full-featured and plugins for your website.


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