How To Solve The Norton Update Error

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Norton AntiVirus is a popular computer security program created by Symantec that helps protect against computer viruses, worms, and other malicious programs. Many computers come with some versions of Norton AntiVirus pre-installed. Antivirus programs use virus-defined libraries to identify and remove malicious software. If your virus definition is out of date, your antivirus program may not be effective.

Whenever we talk about security software, Norton Antivirus never lags. The most well-known antivirus program in the world has the highest customer satisfaction. Norton not only has a great name but also provides advanced tools that make it one of the most reliable and robust antivirus programs in the world. However, like any other program, this antivirus may have some bugs. The Norton live update failure is a common type of error that many Norton users face in terms of issues. However, this error can be fixed by following a few simple steps.

Disable Windows Defender

If you’re using Windows 10, security software called Windows Defender is built into your device. However, as you know, different security software programs can cause various competing issues. Windows Defender is built-in anti-virus software, so it usually doesn’t conflict with third-party security software. However, Windows Defender may be causing specific problems with other antivirus programs

. If Norton Antivirus Live Update does not work, try disabling Windows Defender. To disable Windows Defender, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Windows search bar
  • Type Regedit
  • Press the Enter button
  • Go to Microsoft Windows Defender
  • Click Disable Spyware Protection
  • Enter the value 1
  • If the file does not exist, click New DWORD32 Value
  • Then set the value to 1
  • Close Registry Editor
  • Reboot the device
  • Try Norton LiveUpdate.

Reinstall Norton Antivirus

 To reinstall Norton Antivirus using the removal and reinstallation tools, follow these steps:

  • Open a web browser
  • Find Norton Removal and Reinstall Tool
  • Download and install Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool
  • You can hold the Shift key and press the reset button
  • The device will reboot, and the advanced menu will be displayed
  • Click the Troubleshoot button
  • Select advanced options
  • Tap Start up Settings
  • Then reboot the device
  • Click safe mode
  • Run Norton Removal and Reinstall Tool
  • Go to the program file
  • Delete Norton folder
  • Then reboot the device in normal mode
  • Download Norton
  • Please install Norton and then try LiveUpdate

How to update Norton Internet Security?

Steps to Update Norton Internet Security:

  • Go to your Norton account
  • Sign in to Norton
  • Then go to device security
  • Tap the [Update] button
  • Wait for the update process to complete
  • Reboot the device

 Did you get an error while updating Norton Internet Security?

There were also reports of errors during norton has encountered an error 3048 3 updates. Norton LiveUpdate errors can occur for various reasons, including running out of disk space, registry file errors, old operating systems, and missing program files. You need to check all possible reasons and correct the error accordingly.

Check the free disk space.

Low hard drive space is the most common reason behind update failures. Some space is required to install each update. Norton Update will not be installed on the device if the device has a low hard drive capacity. You need to increase the disk space to install the update and ensure that the program runs. If Norton Update fails, check your disk space.

If you think you are running out of space, you need to remove all the junk from your PC. Delete all large files from your device. Search for HD videos and movies and delete them. Then find and uninstall the apps you don’t need. Reboot your device and try updating your antivirus.

Remove junk files from the system.

Your device will accumulate a lot of junk over time. Junk files are usually harmless, but they accumulate a lot of free space. However, like temporary files, junk can start to conflict with various programs. If you get an error while updating Norton Antivirus, look for the junk file.

Try removing all junk from your device and then updating. On Windows, you can use the Cleanup Management Tool to delete junk files. This built-in tool can remove temporary files and all other junk from your device at once. You can follow the steps given to get rid of all the trash from your PC:

  • Open your Windows device
  • Click the Start button
  • Go to the launch bar
  • Type cmd and press Enter
  • A permission message is displayed on the screen
  • Click the [Yes] button
  • At the Windows command screen, type cleanmgr and press Enter.


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