Most Loved Dog Breeds In The USA

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Hey, my doggie fam! Wag up his tails, cause it’s the time of the year where we’re enclosing the top dogs. So get ready, off your couch, and stay agog to know if your dog is one of them.


Dogs are no shadow. Guess why? Because they stay with you in the darkest and toughest of times, tasting both happiness & grief. They share a shatterproof bond with us. And, the most awaited time has come. The American Kennel Club has released the popular dogs in the US. so, why wait? Let’s duck in!





With around 195 breeds, some occupy a unique position in our hearts. Some have exceptional talents, while others have a world-rank beauty. But what’s common in all doggies is love and affection, they never fail to express their love and gratitude to you. Even in the darkest of times, they stand beside you. They provide support, care and make our lives whole!

And now, as per the report presented by the ACK, the ranks will astonish you! But one thing that hasn’t changed for years is the power of labs 🙂 Labs have never accepted to give away the first title to any other dog. But hold on, it isn’t all about labs, this list ranges from french-german natives, pups-bulldogs, and wonders. Let’s explore briefly;


THE TOP 6 Dog Breeds


  1. Labradors Retriever – According to San Francisco’s top dog walking company 360° Dog Walker “Labrador Retriever are friendly & affable and are as active as quicksilver.” With its root origin from Canada & the United States, it’s playful and cheerful. Having to be the popular chap from 2015-2020, they are prominently in 3 colors at one’s fingertips; black, chocolate & yellow.  They are;
    1. Price – around $800-$1500
    2. Weight – the male weighs up to 25-35kg, while the female weighs 55-70kg.
    3. Life expectancy – 10 – 12 years
    4. Height – the male stands upright for 57-62 cm leading the female, who is 55-60 cm. When it comes here, you could measure the height, but not the heart of the pup!
  2. German shepherds – The fierce, raging guy has their spot in the police stations. Yes! You guessed it right, they are the police dogs. Their smartness, witness, and courage stand out from the crowd. They are obedient as puppets and mastery of skills. Well, let’s now discover more about them.
    1. Price – $500-$1,500
    2. Weight –
      1. Male: 30-40 kg
      2. Female: 22-32 kg
    3. Life expectancy – 9-13 years
    4. Height –
      1. Male: 60-65 cm
      2. 55-60 cm
    5. Color variants – German shepherd, comes in a variety of shades. Its primary base color is black. Other complementary colors include red, silver, tan, and gray.
  3. Golden retriever – And here comes the family of retrievers once again. An Ebullient Scottish gundog of extraordinary charm will settle magic in your eyes and love in your heart. These friendly buddies would take seconds to build your trust, and not a second to break them because they never break your trust :). They are trustworthy and the kindest of kindest souls could be found within.
    1. Price – $1000 – $2000
    2. Weight –
      1. Male: 30-35 kg
      2. Female: 25-60 kg
    3. Height –
      1. Male: 59cm
      2. Female: 56cm
    4. Life expectancy – 10-12 years
    5. Colors – As the name suggests, golden retrievers are predominantly golden. Few shades that harmonize with it are cream, light & dark.
  4. French bulldogs – Want a loyal companion, who’s lively & matches your speed? Well, then pick him up, because he’s gonna give you a tough competition. This athletic dog is also a bodybuilder, popularly known as a “muscle dog”. Cool your heels, you have to be a little patient with our fellow, as he’s mild-mannered. Let us take a glance at his features;
    1. Price – $1,500-$3,000
    2. Weight – 10.5-13kg
    3. Life expectancy – 10-12 years
    4. Height – usually, they rise up to 30.8 cm.
    5. Color variants – They are found in various color & print variants, most popularly they are seen in white, tan & fawn.
  5. Bulldogs – oof, hearing this makes you spine-chilling? But no, it’s not. They are of the kindest and warmest breeds. Sweet but confident, friendly but majestic. This presidential breed offers great adaptation. A thick set of skin and muscular body is not what it looks, but is what it feels like.
    1. Price – $1200 – $1500
    2. Weight –
      1. Male: 30-60 kg
      2. Female: 27-40 kg
    3. Height – Both the gender pups, generally grow until they reach around 30-40 cm.
    4. Life expectancy – 10-13 years.
  6. Beagles – Not only is the beagle an excellent hare-hunter but also a well-to-go lucky charm, and hat tip to its smile – the cutest. Amicable & humbleness runs in its blood. This cutie has a lot to offer, but the biggest of all it does is to awaken your soul.
    1. Price – $400-$1,000
    2. Weight – on average, both males and females weigh up to 9-11 kg.
    3. Height – There is not much variation in the heights of the different gender. Both on a par scale, look up to 32-40 cm.
    4. Life expectancy – 12-15 years.
    5. Colour – with vivid, vibrant shades, and eye-catching beauty of Beagles lies in its skin. It’s found in white, with red, lemon, orange, chocolate as its supplement.



When you needed a hand, but couldn’t get one, don’t worry, You got a paw! Mending a crack in your broken heart with lots of love and extensive support is what our lads are for! All dogs are special, but some are more spesh. We’ve taken an overview of the top 5 dogs. The others are as notable as the top 6 but didn’t make it to the summit. Let’s know the top 50 breeds! Continuing from the left-hand, 7th loved breed;

  1. Poodles
  2. Rottweilers
  3. German Shorthaired Pointers
  4. Yorkshire Terriers
  5. German Shorthaired
  6. Boxer
  7. Siberian husky
  8. Dachshund
  9. Great Dane
  10. Pembroke Welsh Corgi
  11. Doberman Pinscher
  12. Australian Shepherd
  13. Miniature Schnauzer
  14. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  15. Shih Tzu
  16. Boston Terrier
  17. Pomeranian
  18. Havanese
  19. Shetland Sheepdog

And there we go, dog-lovers! A life without dogs is like a life without dreams. Everyone has the thinking that the dog breed they own is the best, and technically they are right!

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