Top 3 Wiper Blades Brands in India

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Have you ever tried driving on a rainy night? Can you imagine how difficult it could have been if any of your wiper blades were not working? Your visibility would have been dangerously compromised, and it could have even caused a mishap if you continued to drive like that. Now you realise how vital that pair of blades on your windshield is. Here is a guide for purchasing suitable wiper blades for your car with the top three brands you can rely on for the best quality of wiper blades.

How to Choose the Right Size of Wiper Blades?

It is super essential to fit only the right size of wiper blades on your windshield. To find the right size of wiper blades for your car, you can follow one of these four methods:

  • Manufacturer’s guide

Refer to the user’s guide provided by your vehicle’s manufacturer. It will show just the accurate recommendation which is perfect for your car’ model.

  • Manual measurement

Pick an inch-tape and manually measure the length of factory-installed wiper blades on your car.

  • Help from a local mechanic

Drive to a local mechanic and ask him for a recommendation about the right size of wiper blades for your car model.

  • Online car blade size finder

You can also search the internet for a ‘car wiper blade size finder. Here you have to fill in some details like your vehicle’s model and manufacturing year, and the software will help you know the correct size.

Types of Wiper Blades in the Indian Market

You can find three types of wiper blades in the Indian automobile market:

  • Standard wiper blades

Conventional or standard wiper blades were the most popular windshield blades used up until a few years ago. These are metal or metal-plastic composite structures with 4-8 pressure points according to the length of the blade.

  • Flat wiper blades

Flat wiper blades comprise a tensioned rubber edge that supports the wiper blade to provide a more significant force generated by airflow. Due to their flat shape, they provide more aerodynamic benefits than conventional blades. Most modern vehicles these days have flat wiper blades.

  • Hybrid wiper blades

Hybrid blades are an amalgamation of flat and conventional blades. They provide both the blades and much more as unlike the other two, they offer an all-weather performance. However, they are slightly costlier than both of them.

Durability is Important

To be able to identify a durable pair of wiper blades, you must be aware of the different parts that comprise a windshield wiper blade:

  • Wiper arm

The arm of the wiper blade in its entire length helps to transfer the force of the motor to the other parts of the wiper blade.

  • Rubber edge

The rubber element of a windshield wiper blade performs two functions: it increases the flexibility of the blade while changing directions and the graphite coating of this rubber element ensures a smooth, streak-free cleaning of the glass.

  • Spring flexors

The spring flexors are there to ensure that the wiper blade is putting an even amount of pressure on the entire windshield. It is essential that the wiper blade exactly matches the curvature of the windshield.

  • Spoiler

The spoiler is an element fitted on the driver’s side of the windshield. It helps to increase aerodynamic efficiency of the blade while decreasing wind-lift due to strong winds.

  • Connectors

Connectors form the joint between a wiper blade and a wiper arm. They function to ensure that the blades are working silently on the windshield.

Top 3 Brands for Best Wiper Blades in India

Luckily, there exists a significant number of brands in India that provide good quality wiper blades at budget-friendly prices. These are those top three wiper blade brands that you can always trust for their quality.

  • Bosch

Bosch is a trendy brand that not only offers an excellent range of durable Bosch wiper blades, but its product portfolio includes many other automobile parts and accessories like horns, headlights, fuel filters, oil filters, etc.

  • Michelin

While Michelin is popular for its top-notch quality automobile tires, there’s also an impressive range of auto care products and other accessories like car wiper blades that the brand has to offer.

  • Geomex

Geomex is another wiper blades brand in India that offers premium quality windshield wiper blades that last very long and yet are super affordable according to the Indian budget bracket.


So, here was the only guide you need when purchasing wiper blades for your car.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this article to the very end. Have a wonderful day ahead.

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