Surround Guide Purchase Of Wooden Fireplaces Components

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Wood burning frames have been one of our favorite techniques of framing a chimney for a long time. But, because of their adaptability and the diversity of glowing designs, they have recently gained even greater appeal.


Because so many various types of wood fire frames have to be chosen, we have created a guide to assist you to select the best alternative for your house.


  • What kind of wooden fences are offered,
  • Some of the greatest woodfire ideas surround your selection.


What kind of wood fireplaces are available?

Once you determine the size of the fireplace frame you need, you can start browsing for the best style. There are a few factors to consider with wood fire surrounds, like:


  • Would you like a carved style or a more minimalist one?
  • What wood shade to pick?
  • How powerful would you like a pimple?
  • What type of wooden furnishings have you in your room already?
  • Want a brilliant finish or a natural finish?
  • What do you think and want to achieve with the general presence?
  • A new wood chimney in your room may make a major impact.

Around a pine fire.

One of the most popular wood-surfacing alternatives is pine fireplaces. This is presumably because the exquisite, nearly sweet tone of the wood creates a warm sense. It should be rather easy to get a matching pine frame if you have other pine wood furniture.


Pine doesn’t have a very strong grain, so if you want something a bit subtler it’s a decent alternative. Many of our pine chimney alternatives also include an “unwaxed” option to stain them or to paint them.


Does a wood fireplace have any downsides? The fact that they are constructed from softwood is the sole thing to consider. This does not imply they are worryingly weak, but slightly more susceptible to damage than wood chimneys.

Walnut and oak are surrounded by fire.

Another unbelievably popular wood frame choice is Oak fireplaces! What makes genuine oak so magnificent is that every grain of the wood is distinct, whether you want a little uniqueness to make something subtle or prominent.

Oak, like walnut chimneys, is great for hefty furnishings, as there are plenty of dramatic choices in your space, some of them with clean blocks and others with elaborate gravings.


Is it costlier than oak walnut?

Although walnut and oak could appear similar, you could find that walnut is more costly. It is more unusual since large lengths are more common. But walnut is also quite robust, much stronger than oak, a hardwood itself. The walnut has a little distinct appearance and a more open texture as well.

The fire is surrounded by dark wood.

Many surroundings of oak and pine fire are lighter to medium colors. So what are you doing when you desire a fireplace of dark wood?


Many alternatives are available for a dark wood fire. Carron Thakat Chestnut Acacia Fire Surround is a good choice in our collection of acacia fireplaces with deep chestnut colors. The deepening, opulent tone of our Sheesham fireplaces is likewise contemporary.


You may also walk the road around a deeper hue to stain your timber fire. You can use your own stain cover to obtain your preferred finish when buying an unfinished fire frame. To achieve this, just paint your stain with a brush and let it for approximately 10 minutes normally. Make sure you travel towards the grain. Wipe off the finishing coat before applying it.

Whitewood fire enclosures and painted wood

If you wish to seem lighter, frames of wood fireplace may be painted. There are a lot of possibilities to purchase in a range of attractive colors if you don’t like the notion of your project.


We also offer our Carron Painted Wood Burning Chimneys custom painting service – just fill in the paint manufacturer of your choice and select the shade on your purchase page. Whether you’re looking for a white chimney that matches a marble hotbed or something brave.


Surrounding ideas wood fireplace

We thought we’d share some wood fireplace ideas to assist you to make the final selection now that you know the many alternatives.

Rustic envelope for fire

Select a wood fire frame with less intricacy and structure for a more rustic aesthetic. A rustic impression is further added by more evident wood grain. If you want a rustic fireplace, an acacia wood fireplace is an excellent alternative.

Victorian firewood chimneys

A perfect accompaniment to the Victorian and old fireplaces is the wood fire surroundings. Oak looks especially attractive with cast iron chimney inserts and inserts in the fireplace. To keep the vintage person alive, choose one with sculpted corbels.

Modern surrounding wood fireplace

You may desire a Mid Century Modern Fireplace frame to match when you have a more contemporary electric or gas fireplace. While wood chimneys appear stunning in modern style, we believe that a white chimney is a fashionable option that looks excellent with chrome.

Fireplace aged wood frame

Old wood looks like another popular fireplace – especially with an open fireplace or stove. They seem eye-catching! Find one with the best result with a natural look.

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