Why Do You Need SEMRush in 2021?

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SEMRush has already inspired many, and everyone knows it.

2020 made us learn we can pronounce it as SEMRush and not just S-E-M-rush or some other way.

In addition to the big branding changes, better reflecting the nuances of the now brighter, sweeter and easier brand, SEMRush also announced that suite prices will eventually go up.

In fact, I was wondering when that would happen, as the last price hike, I can remember happened in 2017. In 4 years, I saw and realized real benefits from the thousands of tweaks, new tools, and new features introduced in the SEMRush suite. So I wasn’t actually surprised to find that the price went up.

Still, let’s put on glasses for looking over the objectives and take a look at the latest updates introduced over the past year. It will allow us to assess whether SEMRush is really worth the investment in 2021.

New Features and Tools of SEMRush

Pricing evaluation

The Pro plan used to cost $99.95 / month. Starting January 4, 2021, new users, and only NEW users, will be required to pay $119.95 / month. In addition to that SEO services are also offered at different prices. This is a redesigned package that now includes expanded sharing options (read-only) and a slightly reduced price per user (if you need to purchase more features), making it the perfect plan if you are a blogger/marketer, freelancer or small agency.

The Guru Plan is now worth $ 229.95 / month for new customers. The features included in this updated package are planned to accommodate an increasing number of marketing agencies. Professional users can get access to more historical reports and data warehousing, Google Data Studio integration, and create branded PDF reports for clients. With extended limits, the plan also includes products from SEMRush’s content marketing toolkit, making it a great plan for a larger internal marketing team as well.

The business plan is currently priced at $449.95 / month. Excellent for larger agencies like @TKDigitals that handle a large amount of data each month and manage digital marketing campaigns for multiple clients. With more data available (sharing the voice budget online is the best addition here), you can also use Google’s latest data connector and access the SEMRush API to integrate the suite data into your dashboard/tools.

Exclusive features for SEO

With the entire SEO industry on the move, having a mobile database is very important for every tool that wants to be a top-tier SEO solution.

Unlike other industry suites like Ahrefs, SEMRush provides an extensive range of services such as mobile data coverage, including information on mobile competition and keywords.

Keyword optimization

Traditionally, when it comes to the power of SEMRush, everyone thinks of keyword research features.

In the last two years, from 2018 to 2020, the keyword database has grown more than 10 times and now includes more than 20 billion keywords for more than 120 countries. The exact, newest and simple keyword for Google covers the number of searches for global and local high-level keyword optimization.

If we compare it with Ahrefs’ set of 7.5 billion keywords, SEMRush has the potential to provide a triple keyword advantage. Therefore, SEO services have become common around the world.

Hence, it is confirmed that SEMRush holds the biggest keywords database in the market!

Link building

SEMRush uses a similar idea behind the Backlink Gap tool and overall the platform offers amazing link building ideas and backlink tracking software with Link Building, a special backlink audit (to improve your own backlink profile ) and backlink analysis tools (for a competitive view).

What is most useful to me in my link building efforts is SEMRush’s specific metric: Toxic Score. It uses over 50 link profiling toxicity markers to automatically assess the level of damage links can do to your site, help prioritize link building activities, and avoid potential Google penalties associated with backlinks.

This year, Link Audit is amplified with a cool new feature: if you connect your Google Analytics to the tool, it displays the amount of referral traffic from a given backlink, which also helps identify areas of backlinks that need extra attention from you.

In total, SEMRush’s backlink database now comprises 30.8T backlinks, and we discuss terabytes of data that will be updated every two weeks.

Technical SEO features

Another area that I can call SEMRush the best of its kind is on-page SEO and technical tools.

If you are a beginner or have not yet properly mastered your website technical SEO, SEMRush Site Audit is a tool to deal with as this is truly the best website audit on the market.

The tool runs your website through 130 in-depth checks that detect all potential website issues blocking your online visibility, from performance issues and internal links to HTTPS and Hreflang implementations (if your site is based on different languages).

From the user’s perspective, the advantage of SEMRush’s site audit is in its priority function: the tool automatically breaks down the health problems of your website into errors, warnings and notifications, which implies the possibility of this effect or that danger, what which again helps you get started to fix problems that can generate the most SEO health benefits for your website.

Since I have undergone all the major website health checks in Site Audit, I am now more focused on another tool from SEMRush: On-Page SEO Checker (OPSC). It is absolutely essential if you want to get the most statistics from the performance of each page of your web page.

With the help of OPSC, I aim to optimize my websites and blogs to ensure that I adhere to SEO best practices for each target keyword.

No doubt, this feature is one of its kind and is offered in all SEO services around the world.

Final Thoughts

Now you know the potentials of SEMRush. I believe you have understood my point. Indeed, it is one of the best tools in the market that offers a lot of capabilities including SEO services to make your website perfect for the search engine. You must ace this tool and get as many benefits from it as you can.

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