Virtual Local Number for Private and Business Phone Systems

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Video conferencing, adoption of cloud-based technology, enhanced cybersecurity, and much more – businesses are drastically embracing the trend of remote work. However, this paradigm shift has brought a significant challenge in front of various businesses, that is ‘how to make their phone systems work remotely?’.

And the answer lies in ‘Virtual Phone System’!

Simply putting, a virtual phone system is a system based on cloud programs primarily designed to make and receive calls from any location and any device. It gives businesses the mobility and flexibility that traditional on-premise systems can’t match. Because the service is supplied over the internet with inexpensive plans and prices, it doesn’t require any hardware to operate smoothly.

So, why a virtual local phone number is important for a business as well as individuals? What benefits does it bring to you? How does it actually work? We will discuss all these in this post!

How Does a Virtual Local Number Work?

Landlines operate in an entirely different way, isn’t it so?

You can only use it where the phone company installs it. Only wired connections can be used to establish connectivity. But that’s not the case with a virtual phone system!

You get a toll-free number or a local phone number, which is then connected with the users by the system. All the telecommunication management is done with the PSTN (Public-Switched Telephone Network). However, at the core of the virtual phone number system, there lies VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). You just need any existing local phone number, and it gets converted to superior call quality.

These phone number extensions exist in the form of virtual lines rather than physical lines. Thus, any individual or employee can have access to this phone system from their home or any other location. Pretty interesting, isn’t it so?

Why Is It Important?

Having a virtual local phone number is certainly a great investment that can reward you in multiple ways. Let’s have a look at some of them!

For Businesses

You Can Work from Anywhere

With a virtual phone system, there’s no need to sit by the phone in your workplace for hours. When you’re traveling or working from home, call redirection services allow you to take essential phone calls so that the caller does not have to wait long to reach you. You will get a toll-free number or any local phone number to which your customers will call. But your customers will simply dial the same number as your office, and they are immediately connected to you.

It’s practically hard to miss a phone call, but if you do, you may send voicemails or text messages to your customer’s device or mail. Therefore, your work will continue, no matter where you are.

Leverage the Interoperability

What’s more efficient than configuring with a variety of devices?

A virtual local phone number can be operated across multiple devices, thanks to its cloud-based programs! So, be it a desktop, laptop, iPad, tablet, iOS phone, Android phone, or even wireless VoIP phone, virtual phone systems are open to interoperability with universal standards.

There is no need to stick with a desk phone for making or taking calls. Your team can communicate across devices with the help of Voice over IP.

Say Bye to Complicated Installations

It’s difficult to set up traditional phone systems. You’ll have to wait for an installer to come in, run wiring and drill holes throughout the workplace. Your team will also be unable to make or receive phone calls at this time. So, the question is can you afford such interruptions?

Well, you need not wait for all such things with a virtual phone system. Within a day, you can install the system without any complications, and this is probably one of the greatest advantages of having a virtual local phone number. Once your VoIP phones arrive, all you have to do is plug them in. That’s it!

It Doesn’t Burn Holes in Your Pocket!

If you’re concerned that having a virtual local phone number may be an expensive affair, be assured that you won’t need to purchase multiple phones for each of your employees. You only need to acquire one phone in your company’s name with no virtual up-front charges. Besides, its built-in features help you save even more. Some of them are as follows:

  • Custom greetings
  • Automatic and smart call routing
  • Call forwarding to various locations and phone extensions
  • Auto-attendants
  • Hold messages and music
  • Call recording
  • Pocket-friendly international calling

For Individuals

  • You can separate your personal and professional life.
  • You can use the number from anywhere.
  • You will become more productive and professional.
  • It’s affordable.
  • It will provide you multi-lingual support.
  • You can keep track of your communication activities through a virtual dashboard.
  • Gives you more flexible hours of working.

The Bottom Line

With the advanced combination of mobility and flexibility, Virtual Phone Systems are truly revolutionizing the way businesses operate.

We, at, provide superb virtual phone systems for your business to reach the zenith of growth. Our budget-friendly solutions will provide you every calling feature that enterprises can count on for years.

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