What Steps Do We Need To Consider After PRP Facial?

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These days, nearly everyone is interested in improving the appearance of their skin. Not only this, people have no shortage of facial treatments at their disposal and can choose from an abundance of facial treatments.

No single person has not heard of platelet-rich plasma facials as it is a kind of celebrity treatment. If you enjoy being aware of the latest celebrity beauty tips and secrets, you will also love the PRP facial.

The treatment is well known for changing people’s looks in its entirety. Everyone makes sure to get the best results from the procedure before deciding to avail of the PRP facial. For this, the best way is to follow the aftercare tips to unlock the significant benefits of  PRP facial.

Here are some of the steps you need to consider before opting for the PRP facial:

PRP Facial:

The PRP facial is usually performed after the microneedling or microdermabrasion procedure. It involves applying a sample of the patient’s blood to the face. Firstly, the platelets are isolated, and their contents are separated, and then it is applied onto your skin.

Years ago, this treatment was used by medical professionals to treat injured joints. It is recently only that the treatment got famous as a topical treatment. The PRP facial accelerates the body’s growth and healing process at the same time. You can treat other parts of the body, especially those affected by stretch marks or scars.

How Does PRP Facial Work?

The PRP facial works in collaboration with microneedling and microdermabrasion to boost collagen production in the body. All the major skin issues are dealt with by increasing collagen production only. There can be a significant improvement in your skin tone, texture, fine lines by generating healthy skin cells with the help of PRP facial. But more research is needed over here. 

Usually, the treatment involves three steps. 


Before applying the procedure straight onto your skin, its contents are separated first, and then it is applied onto the skin. With the help of a small needle, they will draw a small sample of your blood, most probably from your arm, and then separate its contents in a machine known as a centrifuge.

It will separate the platelets from the rest of the blood. Your medical professional will also apply a topical anesthetic at this time if your treatment includes microneedling or microdermabrasion.


Your provider will use a unique roller or a device to prick the skin once the anesthetic has shown its results. The process will spur up collagen production. Not only this, but it will also create some small punctures to allow the PRP to penetrate deep into the skin.


After undergoing all the processes mentioned above, your provider will apply the PRP to the affected area and massage it into your skin.

There are chances that people may need multiple sessions of the PRP facial to get the desired and sought-after results. It might take some weeks for you to notice its excellent results.

Aftercare of PRP Facial:

Make sure to know how the procedure works before signing up for the treatment. Your dermatologist will also place the serum at short intervals during the treatment, in addition to running the derma roller all over your skin. It is the serum only which enhances the effects of the PRP facial when it enters the pores. It gives you younger-looking skin by rejuvenating the layer of collagen and elastin in your body.

People have one or the other sort of expectations when it comes to PRP facials. After the PRP facial, your skin will look somewhat red and bloody. Besides this, you can expect sensations of tingling, tenderness, and numbness, and in the end, you will apply ice packs to your skin to ease your discomfort. It will also lower down the swelling, if any. Here are some of the aftercare tips to be adhered to after a PRP facial session.

Post Care Ttips:

Your doctor will explain to you the aftercare for the vampire facial so that you can get the best results from the treatment. Have a glance at these.

Avoid Touching:

At least for some hours after the treatment, one should not touch the affected area. This facial is said to allow the serum to absorb onto your skin to resume your work afterward.

Avoid Cleansers:

As far as cleaning your face, you can rinse it with lukewarm water the following day but avoid using any cleansers on your face as it can harm your skin. Before touching the skin, ensure to wash your hands with soap.

Avoid Rubbing The Skin:

Next, one should avoid rubbing the skin after availing of the PRP facial. If you feel like doing so, then pat dry the skin instead of rubbing it. It is so because your skin gets more firm after the treatment than it was before. But it will get a soft and supple, smooth feel after some days.

Refrain Taking Medications:

Usually, within one day only, all the discomfort will settle on its own. But in case you continue to feel the pain, take Tylenol. Besides this, should take no other inflammatory medications without informing or asking the doctor.

Use Ice Pack:

Using the ice pack is an excellent option to calm down the swelling, if any. But do not apply the pack directly to your skin. Instead of this, place the cloth between the pack and the skin. Avoid applying it directly and repeat the process after some intervals.

Sleep Carefully:

You cannot sleep as usual after availing of the PRP facial and must be careful with this. You can sleep on your back with your head elevated for the next two days. It will be an excellent option to reduce the amount of swelling or bruising on the treated area.

Refrain From Using Harsh Agents:

One should not use any harsh or exfoliating agents for some days after the treatment as part of the vampire facial aftercare. Instead of this, think about using an organic or non-chemical moisturizer as it will be gentle onto your skin. Besides this, you can also use hyaluronic acid to moisturize and nourish your skin if your dermatologist recommends it.

Things Not To Do After PRP Facial:

After your PRP treatment, your dermatologist will give you a list of don’ts to follow for some hours. Have a look at some of the things to avoid after the PRP session.

No Make Up:

Firstly, you should not apply any make-up for some days. But in case you do apply, then make sure to wash the brushes carefully after using them to avoid any infection later on.

Stay Out of The Sun:

One should strictly stay out of the sun. But some work asks you to go out in the sun and then protect your skin by applying sunscreen. Make it a part of your routine skin care regime. Besides this, should take no alcohol or blood thinners for some hours of the PRP facial.

Wrapping Up:

You can be sure of the excellent results of the PRP facial treatment, but only if you abide by the aftercare as mentioned above instructions. Enjoy the younger and beautiful you after getting the PRP facial.

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