How to get ETA License in India

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ETA license is Equipment Type Approval, also known as the WPC Certificate. It’s issued by the Department of Telecommunication through its Wireless Planning Commission to those who want to import wireless products in India.

In this article, we are going to discuss the following about the ETA certificate:

• Why is the ETA certificate mandatory in India?
• How can you obtain a WPC ETA certificate in India?
• What are the documents you require for getting the same?
• How can ETA license consultants can help you get the certificate easily?


Why is ETA License mandatory in India?

The government of India poses restrictions on any product that’s imported in India. In the case of wireless products, it has imposed WPC NOC Certificate or the No Objection Certificate for the following reasons:

• Ensuring that the product meets the regulatory standards of the Department of Telecommunication.
• Ensuring that the product doesn’t work on restrictive frequencies.
• Ensuring that the product’s operating frequency doesn’t cause problems for other equipment.


How can you obtain a WPC ETA License or Certificate in India?

To obtain the ETA Certificate, India’s government has designed a unique process that’s both online and offline.
The offline process involves the following steps:

• Let an independent NABL accredited lab test your product. They will a radio frequency test on it and give an RF Test report.
• Download the filled application form from the WPC portal.
• Submit the application form along with the required documents and the product specimen at the WPC branch present in your state.


The online process involves the following steps

• File the online application for WPC Certification: To download the filled application form, you first have to fill it online by creating a WPC eta login.
• Upload the required documents: You’ll need to upload the soft copies of the document before you can send the physical copies of them to the WPC branch.

The wireless planning commission will run certain tests on the product. If they are satisfied with the result and find out that your product operates within the DOT regulatory standards, you’ll obtain the ETA license.

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What are the documents required for getting the ETA license?

The documents that you’re required to submit to the DOT during the offline and online process are as follows:• Company incorporation certificate

• POA authorizing an Authorized Indian Representative (AIR) to file your application
• Technical specifications of the wireless product
• Radiofrequency Test report
• A declaration that you’ve entered all the details with integrity and correctness.


How ETA license consultants can make the above process easy for you?

As you can see, you have to deal with the wireless planning commission on multiple fronts to get your application through their system. In such cases, it’s the right choice to get in touch with the right ETA license consultants. They can help you in the following ways to make the process easy for you:

• They implement their knowledge of WPC certificate format to ensure that you correctly file all the details.
• They are the ones that act as your Authorized Indian representative. Thus, they take care of all the details related the ETA license application.
• They constantly update you about the progress of your application.
• In the end, they ensure that you get the ETA license on time.


How to get ETA license in India? A license meant for importers of wireless product, an ETA license can only be obtained if you follow the steps given in this blog to the tee.


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