A Complete Guide On How To Travel With Vape Device

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Vaping is not usually a welcome activity in some parts of the world. This fact has limited vapers’ freedom to travel with their favorite vape devices. When planning to go on a trip, a fanatical vaper must first check the legal state of vaping at their intended destination.

You’ll have to double-check your luggage, especially when traveling by plane. The airports are usually packed with well-equipped security checks that don’t condone any illegal substances.

Here’s a complete and timely guide on how to travel with a vape device.

1. Follow The Airline’s Regulations

When booking your flight, read through the airline’s regulations and your duties as a passenger and follow each of them to the letter. In case their regulations are not in line with your plan to travel with a vape device of your choice, look for other options.

Once you finally find the more lenient one, obey all other regulations that they’ve put in place. For example, they may only allow some vape devices and leave out others for some reason.

No airplane is lenient enough to allow vaping within the confines of the plane. This will put a strain on the comfort and well-being of other passengers. The airlines’ policies might only go as far as allowing you to carry your vape machines among your possessions.

If the flight you’re booking is not a direct one to your destination, note that down. You might be making a stop at a country that’s banned all that has to do with vaping.



2. Ensure Safe Packing

Vape devices are as sensitive as can be, primarily due to their chemical composition. They only thrive when exposed to conducive temperatures and a general environment.

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When packing your vape devices, consider all the vital factors that will determine their safe storage. Carry a travel bag that has a separate compartment for all your vaping devices.

Squeezing them all together in a tiny space may lead to irreversible consequences. Pack them in a spacious pocket and will ensure their safety throughout the entire journey.

Don’t forget to check your containers since they play such significant roles. They are an investment that makes it easier to account for all your vape devices. Rather than have each one strewn all over your suitcase or backpack, containers help keep them easier to trace.

Such containers are a necessity, especially when handling vape juices. They are prone to spillage in case you fail to tighten the seals during packing. Your containers will prevent the liquids from spilling on your other items and making a mess.

A disposable vape kit is not new to this suggestion and will be just as convenient. What’s more, look for genuine vape brands that are considerate of traveling vapers. Their packaging style is quite intriguing and saves you time when packing.

Avoid packing your vape devices with their batteries still intact. Instead, remove them and pack them in separate pockets in your bag. This tip helps in preventing accidents while on transit with your vape devices and juices.



3. Limit Your Devices and E juices

When traveling with your vape device, avoid bringing along the entire vape collection. This will only wear you out as it may become too heavy for you to carry around.

Instead, limit your vape devices to the number of days or weeks you’ll be away. This tip ensures that your devices don’t get destroyed or ruined in any way due to congestion in your bags.

You may want to carry just an extra device in case something happens to one of them. The same applies to your e juice since most of them can’t stay fresh and flavor-filled for long when in strange environments.

Carry your e juices separately because mixing them may interfere with the original flavor. For instance, if yours is an actual mint flavor, refrain from mixing it with others lest the resulting mixture becomes a hard hit on your throat.

Shop for your ultimate vape devices and e juices a few days before your travel date. This will help you put together only the items you need in case the vape crave strikes.

It also saves up storage space in your vape kits and containers.


4. Use a Clear Bag

Transparent bags apply to e liquids since the authorities are always on the prowl for illegal and suspicious items. Using a clear bag for transportation of e juices shows adherence to all the laws and regulations put in place by authorities.

To be cleared, your bottles need not be larger than 100ml. If you happen to purchase e juices larger than this, have them transferred to much smaller bottles in line with the standard sizes.

In case of last-minute preparations that find you with a larger bottle, wrap it up and pack it with all your other items in the main baggage. 



5. Avoid Moisture

Keep all your vape devices away from any element of moisture. Only store them up and pack them in dry places. Use vape cases or dry bags to keep them dry.



Check again to ensure that you’ve followed all the rules and regulations of traveling as a vapor. Missing any step or misinterpreting the said guidelines may land you in trouble.



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