What To Do With Broken Pallets

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Let’s get this clear:

Operating a transportation and logistics business is not a walk in the park. There are so many operations to execute and you want to minimize costs as possible.

But the sad truth:

Some unexpected expenses are inevitable. And such is a pile of broken pallets. The big question, therefore, is; how do you handle those broken pallets?

Heads up:

Below are some golden solutions you should consider instead of throwing them away.

First one…

Contact Your Pallet Manufacturer Or Supplier For Refund Or Replacement

Always remember:

You have nothing to be afraid of if you have chosen a reliable supplier/manufacturer in the first place. So, go ahead, check the warranty coverage to see if you can still return those broken pallets.

Know this though:

If you purchased different pallets at different times, tracking the batch that still has refund/repair coverage on them can be hard.


It’s always best to tag your pallets with the purchased date and manufacturer name after purchase. This will make the tracking process easy and refund smooth.

By the way:

Check with these guys, they are a reliable and affordable pallet company around.

Moving on…

Offer For Upcycling

Think about DIYers, hobbyists, and groups:

These guys are always on the lookout for free materials to flesh out the next big project. And it’s up to you whether to give your broken pallets up for free or put a price on them.

Be careful though:

Letting strangers on your property may not be a great idea. To be on the safer side, reach out to registered DIY groups or hobbyists’ forums.


You might as well chose to just offer them up to a carpenter workshop or a furniture factory near you.

Next up…

Reach Out To A Local Company

This is even better:

If there’s any local pallet company close to you, you can reach out to them to discuss your broken pallets. Just Google search “local pallet company near me” and check the search list.

Now, here are the chances:

You’re likely to get the full payment for the pallets if they are still in good shape and are of high-demand size/design.


You might even end-up paying them to dispose of seriously-damaged pallets on your behalf. If this is the case, I suggest using the next option to avoid the extra spending.


Leave For Collection

It’s easy:

Just leave those broken pallets out of your premises to enable interested passersby to collect them. Though you won’t get paid, you escape paying the extra disposal fee to anybody.

But be careful:

Some neighborhood frown upon this method. And this is not only because you’re making the neighborhood look untidy along the line. You are posing safety risks to passersby.

So here’s the way out:

Contact the neigborhood’s head or Sherrif to discuss your plan and find out if it’s allowed. Also, put up a temporary post telling the passerby that your broken pallet are free to collect.

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