CDSCO registration guidelines to import cosmetic products

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CDSCO Registration has published several guidelines that allows you to import cosmetic products in India. In this article, we are going to delve into those guidelines and provide you a way to acquire CDSCO certificate in India.

When it comes to CDSCO registration, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? It’s mostly “What is it?” Simply put, the government of India hasn’t been specifically vigilant about spreading awareness about this particular registration.

Whatever information about this certificate is available online is available courtesy of experts. Even then, most of the available blogs aren’t understandable by common individuals. That’s why, we are presenting to you a listicle. It’s a one pager of all that you need to know to import cosmetic products in India.

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Eligibility Criteria for CDSCO Registration

CDSCO Guidelines specifically state that only the eligible applicants will obtain the certificate. Following are the eligibility criteria. Read it before you apply for CDSCO registration:

  • Importing Authorization: Before becoming an importer of cosmetics, you have to obtain permit to become an importer. You must have an import and export code or IEC code before you apply for certification.
  • Sellable cosmetic product: Very often, foreign companies try to import products in India that are not permitted to be sold in their countries. Such products can’t be imported in India.
  • Authorized Indian Representative: You must have an authorized Indian representative whose task would be to file the application on your behalf.

Filing the Application for CDSCO SUGAR registration

As per the product registration guidelines prescribed by the CDSCO, following are the steps of CDSCO registration process:

  • Gather all the documents required.
  • File the application for CDSCO registration via the online CDSCO portal
  • Upload the documents while you’re filing the application.
  • Take a printout of the filled application form
  • Send it to the CDSCO office along with the documents and a sample of cosmetic product you’re trying to import.
  • Wait as the Central Drug Standard Control Organization assesses your application, analyses your documents and tests your cosmetic product.
  • If your application is correct, the documents are in order and the cosmetic products adhere to the product registration guidelines, you’ll obtain the CDSCO approval to import it.

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Documents required for CDSCO registration in India

Following is the list of documents that you must present to the Central Drug Standard Control Organization of India in order to obtain the CDSCP certificate:

  • A cover letter
  • Certificate of incorporation of your company
  • A letter of authorization that authorizes the AIR or Authorized Indian Representative
  • The import and export code
  • Free sale certificate
  • Ingredient list of the cosmetic product
  • Concentration of ingredients
  • Labels specified on the product
  • Following declarations:
    • No animals were harmed during production
    • No toxic chemicals were introduced in the product
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If you believe that a particular foreign product is fir for importing in India, you should opt for the CDSCO SUGAM registration. However, you also have to keep in mind that the CDSCO is very stingy when it comes giving the registration. To convince them, you have to be thorough when providing documents, precise when filing the application and compliant when doing the follow up.

CDSCO Registration guidelines to import cosmetic products in India specify that you need the CDSCO approval. Checkout this blog to know how to obtain it.

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