5 Best Instagram Feed To Embed On Website

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Do you desire a vibrant website for your business? Want to stand out from the crowd to make your business website impressive?

If your is Yes, and want to know how? 

In simple words – The visual medium is the key. Visual media includes images, videos, GIFs etc. They hold the power to impress people and create a great impact on their minds. And when we talk about visual media in a social media atmosphere, Instagram stands tall as a social media giant, focusing on visual media.

Imagine the impact an Instagram feed can make on your website, which is possible when you embed Instagram feed on the website

Social media aggregator helps you combine all the posts related to your business and display them on your website. They have dedicated tools for Instagram that gather your Instagram feed and showcase them as one unified presentation.

What is an Instagram feed?

Whenever you log in to your Instagram account, the first thing on your screen is the Instagram feed. It shows all the posts and content uploaded by the people, you can see the posts from people you are following on the platform, and if you explore more, you can also find the posts from people worldwide. It mostly depends on the Instagram algorithm on what content to push and boost the reach. 

Instagram feed is in reverse chronology, which means the latest posts get a display on the top of the feed.

You can embed Instagram feed related to your business on your website and make your website vibrant and pleasing to visitors’ eyes. Here are some examples that you can apply and get amazing results by using the Instagram feed. 

Examples for Embedding Instagram feed on websites

Grid Style

Grid is one of the most used and most amazing examples for embedding Instagram feed on the website. Even Instagram uses a grid on its application. The grid displays feed on your Instagram in an organised manner. One of the amazing benefits of using a grid is that it provides each content with equal space, allowing visitors to view each post. 

Hashtags Feeds

Using hashtags is one the most powerful marketing strategies, and provides great reach to the content. People often use hashtags of brands or products they are using. You can gather all the posts with your given hashtags and embed them as an Instagram feed on your website. It helps in providing social proof and provides a sneak into Instagram chatter to your visitors.

Carousel or SlideShow

You can embed Instagram feed and display them as a carousel or slideshow on your website. Carousel adds charm to your website and also attracts visitors’ attention. The slide show makes your website interactive. You can use each slide to explain more about your different products and showcase their images or videos.

Handle Feeds

You can embed your Instagram handle on your website. By embedding your handle, you can display your Instagram feed on your website. Embedded feed showcases the content and posts from your Instagram account; hence, visitors visit your account. It also allows your visitors to follow you there if he likes your content. 

Mention Feeds

People often use Instagram to post images of the product or share their experience with the brand, or upload videos. Instagram provides the mention feature where people can tag the brand and posts to reach them. You can embed your mentioned posts on your website and provide public opinion and social proof to your visitors. 

These were the various Instagram feed example on your website. Now let’s learn how to embed Instagram Feed on your website. 

instagram feed on website

How to embed Instagram feed on website

The Instagram feed provides various benefits; it makes your website vibrant, engaging and also helps you increase your website traffic. Embedding an Instagram feed on the website is very easy, and we will be doing it using the best social media aggregator – Tagembed.

Step 1: Log in to your Tagembed account, and if you are new, sign up and create your Tagembed account.

Step 2:  You will land on your Tagembed Dashboard. Click on the Create Widget button, which is present on the top right corner of your screen.

Step 3: Provide an appropriate name for your Widget in Create Widget pop-up, and click on the Create Widget button.

Step 4: Pick a source window that will appear on your screen. Click on Instagram Business.

Step 5: Tagembed provides you with 4 connection type. These are Hashtags, Handle, Mention, and Tagged.

  • HashTag: It collects the posts with provided HashTag.
  • Handle: accumulates content from the mentioned Instagram handle.
  • Mentions: imports the content that mentions your handle.
  • Tagged: assembles the posts which have the mentioned handle tagged.

Select the appropriate option and Click on Create Feed button. Provide your Instagram credentials 

Step 6: Your Instagram feed will be visible on your screen. To embed the feed, Click on Embed Widget button present on the bottom left of your screen.

Step 7: Select your website building Platform from Choose Your Platform pop-up.

Step 8: Click on the Get Code button. And copy the given code.

Step 9: Paste the code on your website’s backend.


Embedded Instagram feed makes your website vibrant, and it also helps you to create a good impression on your visitors and potential customers. You can embed the feed using various tools that are readily available in the market. Tagembed is currently the best tool, as it is easy to use and have a user-friendly interface. 

Embed Instagram feed on your website and enjoy the various benefits that it offers.

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