How to Manage Bluetooth Devices on a Windows PC

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\Bluetooth has been a very popular wireless technology that connects to your computer’s peripheral devices. It helps to send and receive data in a short distance range. Bluetooth helps to avoid all the tangled cords from the desk and makes it look more organized. You can pair all varieties of Bluetooth-based devices to your PC, like speakers, phones, printers, and headphones. With Windows 10 in-built settings now it’s easier to change and control Bluetooth settings.

Though Bluetooth is now the old way of exchanging data, in many new technologies it’s still been used as its only source like fitness trackers, Air Pods, etc. If you are facing issues connecting Bluetooth, update your drivers with Driver Updater Software. Before connecting Bluetooth make sure it runs properly if it doesn’t Download Bluetooth Driver for a much better experience.

Now all you need to do is follow these steps to easily connect to Bluetooth or fix it.

To pair Devices using Bluetooth:

With help of your PC settings, you can pair Bluetooth devices like speakers, headset, cell phone, keyboard, or mouse.

  • Open settings and click on devices
  • Click on Bluetooth and other devices and turn the Bluetooth on
  • You will see Add Bluetooth or other device buttons, click on it
  • Select the Bluetooth option and wait for a moment
  • You will see a pin on your screen, check if it matches your pairing device
  • Click on connect then Done option to finish the pairing process

Your device will be successfully connected, now you can send or receive data.

To pair Printer or Scanner:

  • Select start to open settings
  • Open devices
  • Under devices open printers and scanners
  • Click on the Add a printer or scanner option into printers and scanners option
  • In results choose your printer and click on Add device

To Disconnect paired Device:

  • Go to settings and open the devices option
  • Select Bluetooth and other Devices option
  • Select the device you want to remove
  • Click on the Remove device option and select Yes to confirm

This will unpair your connected device and you no longer will be able to exchange data, to connect again follow ‘To connect Device’ again. 

Update your Bluetooth Drivers:

if you are facing any issues like pairing devices or unable to locate Bluetooth in settings there are chances your drivers are broken or outdated. So to make Bluetooth function properly it’s important to update or Download Bluetooth drivers.

  • Open start and click on the device manager option
  • Locate Bluetooth and click on the adapter
  • In this, You will see the Update driver option click on it
  • Now click on browse my computer
  • Locate the installed driver and run it to complete the process

If this update doesn’t work for you, which is most likely to be possible if you recently updated your system. Install one of the best driver updater software ‘Bit Driver Updater’. It is also one the most installed drivers, boosts overall system performance, and comes with many features which scan every Bit of your outdated drivers and update them one by one.

  • It allows you to backup and restores your data before update
  • Lets you schedule automatic driver update
  • Solves all errors
  • Improves performance
  • Lets you decide which driver to update after the scan
  • Easy to use with single click updates
  • Detailed scanning

After you install Bit Driver Updater run it on your system and scan for corrupted drivers. Update all the necessary drivers and restart your computer for better and effective results. 

Restart your computer-

It is the easiest way to solve any minor errors related to your system malfunctioning. Restarting gives your computer a little push to perform better and clear all the background running applications. To restart your PC just go to the start, power then restart option.


pairing Bluetooth is no big task and is very easy to operate. Run troubleshooting to check errors and update drivers for any issues, it should definitely fix all the problems. With Windows 10  it’s very easy to add or remove devices quickly using Bluetooth settings.

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