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The ongoing pandemic has triggered the full potential of technology in medical science or health care. We have witnessed in the past few years how health care has changed almost entirely around the world. App development for the healthcare industry is a great way to build up the gap between doctors and patients easier with a wide range of improvements that apps can bring to medical services during this ongoing pandemic where people are not able to go to clinic or hospitals, this application plays an important role in their health care routine by consulting doctors online through video call, text, phone calls for even the smallest of health concerns instead of self-diagnosis and self-medication.

The number of health apps has more than doubled in the last few years. And this is going to be farther!  The COVID-19 pandemic also provided the push necessary for India to embrace telemedicine, which proved to be an extremely valuable tool in ensuring continuity of care while keeping both doctors and patients safe. If you too want to find a way in these mobile technologies, then healthcare app development is definitely going to be the best you need. But always keep in mind healthcare is a trickier business that requires to be handle with more care and a lot of special approaches. But you are at the right place this article is going to resolve your all issue.

This article will tell you about healthcare application development which will describe features of medical reference applications and explain what successful healthcare app development means.

Types of healthcare apps are

Mental health apps

These apps aimed to assist with fighting depression, stress, anxiety, sleep disorders with the help of pre-recorded meditations, breathing exercises, and more.

Health monitoring

These apps that come with symptom checkers give recommendations on medication intake or treatment advice. They can also help manage current chronic conditions like cancer, diabetes, and so on. They keep track of heart rate, blood pressure and etc.

Medication trackers

These apps are quite popular in healthcare application development company as they help users take their pills on time. Besides simple scheduling and reminding, these apps can track specific drugs in pharmacies nearby, letting users know where is the cheapest offer are going on.

Healthy lifestyle apps

This category brings together many different applications such as fitness apps, brain training apps, self-improvement apps, and many others that make a healthy lifestyle much easier to achieve. It keeps a record of daily activities.

 Doctor’s app

This is the most used app during an ongoing pandemic to consult doctors virtually and discuss with them about the issue and keep in touch during the consulting period of time.

Test lab

These apps are also mostly used in this time for booking online different type of body test, corona test and etc. These also provide free home sample collection which is a great initiate during this time.

Healthcare App Development Process

 To develop a healthcare app a clear understanding of your goals and app features is required. Firstly, we must decide what kind of app we want, who’ll use it, what problems it’ll solve and how then We’ll go over each step of healthcare mobile application development which includes multiple steps

Identify Problems

This step means to be the foundation of your app. Like what problem you’re going to resolve with your app which type of app you want. If you already have decided to go through market research and your competitor then moves towards the next step

UI/UX Design

UI/UX design is a vital process in healthcare mobile application development. Despite the fact that this stage involves a lot of creativity and freedom of choice, you should still adhere to several important rules to make the design beautiful and user-friendly. Market research shows in India apps fail to work due to their poor UI/UX design. so, pay attention to this step by smartly choosing your developers.

Choose a Monetization Model

 Every Business is designed to generate revenue. To do it successfully, one needs to choose a monetization model.

  • In-app ads. The app is completely free, but it shows ads to users.
  • Subscription. The whole app or some of its features are available on a subscription basis. Users must pay for a subscription (weekly, monthly, yearly).
  • Paid. Users buy an app with a one-time payment.

Appointment scheduling

 Here users take appointment for their health issue to specialized doctors or physician.

The physician receives a calendar to schedule appointments and control their number during the week. Meantime patients have access to the doctor’s schedule for a quick booking convenient for both parties.

Video and voice calls

This feature is the foundation of all telehealth apps. These technologies support real-time communication via the camera and microphone of mobile devices. During video and audio calls both parties should have a stable connection and no troubles with audio or video.

Chat Process

If the doctor can’t see the patient at the moment, the user should be able to ask a question or leave a message for a physician using an in-app chat. The patient can send various documents and media files that are important for the consultation.

Payment options

Users can pay for the doctor’s services. The main way to add online payments is to implement a payment gateway. This could be PayPal, Stripe, or Braintree. Besides that, it’s worth implementing payment directly from a patient’s credit card

Search and filter options

Finding a physician should be simple yet effective. It’s a good idea to add filters that’d let users find a doctor based on set criteria such as specialization, experience, or appointment cost.

Ratings and reviews

This feature streamlines the decision-making process as reviews and ratings from previous clients can help users decide whether it’s worth contacting a physician or not or whether the app is effective or not.


“Atmanirbhar”, this the word that truly our country needs to access this time in the healthcare industry where more hands, more innovation and even more entrepreneurs are needed to involve with more ideas, more power, more capital, and energy to build up a strong healthcare system.

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