Special Pakistani Ramadan recipes

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Ramadan is the month of gathering blessings. Get united with your family or friends is also one of those unlimited blessings we capture during this month. Iftar and Sehri gatherings are a part of our culture and a chance to enjoy some quality time with our loved ones.

Ramadan brings a lot of excitement and joy with it. Muslims around the world enjoy this month and consider it the best time of the year for many reasons. The holy environment, religious sessions, and praying with pure heart, everything about Ramadan is extremely satisfying and worth waiting for.

People hold a lot of gathering to break their fasts together, pray together, and for many other reasons during Ramadan. And without any doubt, food is a part of every feast, either it is for Sehri or Iftar. Pakistani Ramadan recipe can be summed up as easy, instant, and delicious.

Why do we prefer instant recipes:

Since the Iftar is prepared while fasting and working for the whole day and Sehri is prepared in the middle of the night, both times are not feasible to prepare tough and fancy dishes. That is why Pakistani Ramadan recipes are simple and easy to prepare within minimal time.

Secondly, it is very hard to eat too much food at the same time either it’s Sehri or iftar. So the preferred dishes are light and easy on the stomach.

Sehri recipe ideas:

In Sehri, most people like to eat fulfilling and heavy items, such as parathas are the most favorite Sehri item across the country. Some new ideas to bring some variety to your Sehri table are given below:

Lachay dar qeema paratha:

For parathas being the favorite Sehri item, this lachay dar qeema paratha will surely be a winner. It is very heavy and fulfilling; full of protein recipes you won’t feel hungry for the whole day. It is a very easy recipe to make and you will not need any curry to eat it with. Simply pair it with dahi chatni and you’re good to go.

Anda Channe:

People usually have anda channe in breakfast so it will be a good dish to eat in Sehri as well. You can have it with roti and it will be a complete meal for your Sehri. Our special anda channe recipe will help you develop a restaurant-like taste in a hygienic environment.

Paratha sandwich:

If you’re bored of eating traditional parathas every day, go for this paratha sandwich recipe to bring a little special effect to your Sehri. These cheesy and delicious paratha sandwiches are the ultimate treat for Sehri. Made this easy recipe at home in minutes and enjoy your meal.

Meetha paratha recipe:

Add some sweetness to your Sehri meals with this very tasty meetha paratha recipe. This recipe will definitely remind you of your childhood when meetha paratha made by your mothers with love was your favorite breakfast before going to school. Recall those memories and give your family members a chance to cherish them too.

Iftar recipes:

How can we not mention Iftar recipes in Pakistani Ramadan recipes. Iftar table is always full of options and has a good variety of dishes. Here is a special iftar recipe for you to try this year.

Chicken steak recipe with sauce:

Chicken steak recipe with sauce is getting very popular due to the fact that you can enjoy the meat to the fullest with flavors of different and tangy sauces. You can easily prepare them at home, and it also contains minimal fats so you can have it even if you’re on a diet. Pair it up with roasted veggies to add more nutrients. Our chicken steak recipe with sauce gives you’re the restaurant vibe for being extremely juicy and full of flavor. Here is the recipe for this guilt-free treat for iftar:




Boneless Chicken: 300g
Salt: as per taste
White pepper powder: ½ tbsp
Ginger paste: 1 tsp
Mustard paste: ½ tsp
Paprika powder: ½ tsp
Parsley: 20 g
Butter: 3 tbsp
Onion: 10 g
Milk: 150 Liter
Black pepper powder: 1 tsp
Parmesan Cheese: 1 tbsp
Cream: 150g
Peas: 10g
Cabbage: 10g
Carrot: 10g
Green beans: 10g
Potato: 10g


  1. Hammer the boneless chicken pieces.
  2. Put hammered chicken in a bowl and add olive oil and salt in it.
  3. Then add ginger paste and white pepper (powder), paprika powder, mustard paste, parsley and mix it until it’s completely combined.
  4. Take out your griller, clean and warm it a little, put some oil for greasing and grill the marinated chicken on it.
  5. Take a pan, add some butter, and then milk in it. Then gradually add salt, black pepper powder, parmesan cheese, and cream 100g and keep cooking it on medium to low flame until it’s thick.
  6. Take another pan, put some butter, and boiled veggies in it. After that add salt & white pepper powder, mix them well, and cook for a while.
  7. After they seem cooked, add cream and butter and mix them well.
  8. Take out the steak, put the prepared sauce on it, and serve it with the veggies.

The recipe makes 40 to 45 minutes hardly and serves up to 4 people.

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