Repairing a PDF File Using PDFBear Online Tool

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PDFBear is an online tool for your Portable Document Format (PDF) files. Whether you want to convert to any document format, compress the size of it, protect it, edit it, or repair it. It’s a free and accessible online tool that you need when you want to fix something from your file.

A lot of tools offer unique features and you can opt for one. It will aid you to have ease in repairing or fixing PDF files. It supports different computer software. This includes Mac, Windows, and other software devices.

It is a free online tool service. Signing up for PDFBear pro, you can convert what you want no matter what size it is. It can also store files only if you sign up; all tools are available for you.

But if you don’t want the pro, it’s still an easy access online tool site for all users. There’s no need to hassle and worry when you want to convert, merge, compress, or repair your file.

As many of you know, PDF is a popular file format that’s developed by Adobe. When you save and publish your document file as PDF, it will show the full display of the file. Expect that no changes occurred. 

Three Simple Steps to Repair a Corrupted PDF File from PDFBear?

Have you ever wondered why PDF files are corrupted or worse, unable to recover? Here are simple steps to guide you to repair PDF

Step 1: Select your corrupted PDF file

If something goes wrong with your PDF file, open the PDFBear website and look for the “Select File” button. Click on that and select your damaged file you want to fix or you can drop it from the site. If the file is big, it may take a bit of time.

It can only work with PDF when you’re choosing from selected files, any other document file does not work.

Step 2: Wait for it to upload

While you have selected your file, it will analyze and scan your document for any corruption. Sometimes, you cannot process the corrupted file or recover it because of how disrupted your file is. PDFBear won’t make it worse during the process, so you’re guaranteed that it won’t damage any further. Once it is set, you are now ready to save and repair, then you can move on to step three.

Step 3: Click repair

Once uploaded, you can click repair and wait for your file to be completely fixed and restored. There’s also an option box to select and repair your PDF file. Depending on the repairs of your file, it doesn’t take too long to process. You don’t need to think that it will take hours, it will only take minutes to repair, recover, and restore.

Extra information about repairing from PDFBear

For the safety of your files, once it’s already recovered, PDFBear will delete them after an hour from their site. If you’re hesitant on PDFBear, they have more information from their Terms of Service section.

It’s accessible for any platform and device. So whatever you use, a computer, mobile phone, or tablet, this online repair tool is there for your file. You can also repair it anywhere, anytime. It’s available in any location you are in, so you don’t need to worry.

Why You Can’t Open Your PDF File?

Problem #1: Too much storage 

Sometimes, with the vast size of a PDF file, those can get damaged or corrupted. This is because of how much storage of the software you are using can hold.

Depending on what software device you’re using, check the storage of the device. A reason to do that is that it can give your PDF files a slow process to save or cause viruses to it.

Storing data when you’re downloading, saving, or transferring will consume a lot. For you to avoid corrupted and damaged files, try to assess your storage once in a while.

Problem #2: Viruses

If you have a hard drive or flash drive that is full of viruses or corrupted files, that can disrupt other files too. When your flash drive is in a wreck, it’s because you inserted it from a software program that has a computer virus.

File corruption because of viruses is a common problem. So be aware of saving and downloading your file anywhere online. Be mindful in case you insert any kind of device from your computer.

Computer viruses have been a major issue for causing corrupted files. When you download and save files from a suspicious website, it’s best to get away from that site. 

Problem #3: Transferring and downloading files

Ejecting your drive from a computer is important. Eject it properly and not only remove it because that will ruin some files sometimes. It might not save from your flash or hard drive.

When ejecting a drive, do not eject it while your PDF file is being processed, saved, and completed. If you eject while it’s saving from your drive, then your process of the file will be incomplete. 

You should also be careful when transferring your drive to many computers. That’s the start of having corrupted files.

Downloading PDF files from a site can cause other damage or corruption. The size of a file may be too high or the site is not secure from downloading it.

Problem #4: Power interruption 

If you’re downloading a PDF file and your computer shuts down, that can also ruin the file. This happened because it wasn’t downloaded all the way through. Shutdowns and power interruptions can also damage transfers of your file.

If you’re in the middle saving your file while there’s a power interruption, that can lose and disrupt it. You can still render it and save it on your computer that has that option. But sometimes it doesn’t work that way during the middle of processing. 


If you’re looking for a repair online tool for your PDF file, PDFBear has that for you. If you’re getting worried about why your file is not opening this online tool service can recover and fix that.

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