What Is a Digital Business Card? – A Guide In 2021

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Paper money and paper business cards have been around for a long time and people have been exchanging paper money as a means of trading.

Paper money has been a reliable source of currency and people are more used to it.

Just like paper money, paper business cards were frequently used by people to share contact information or any other kind of specific information.  

But due to this global pandemic, there a push to remote everything, and because of that everything has been turned online. 

People are physically interacting less with each other and there has been a drastic increase in online activities. 

Due to these restrictions paper business cards are losing their worth and their counterparts, digital business cards, are gaining more fame and are being used more than paper business cards. 

The increasing need to turn everything online has made people more reliant on technology. 

Everything person out there is trying to manage these sudden changes but one thing is sure that digital business cards are becoming a more efficient way to share contact information or business information.

What is a Digital Business Card?

Digital Business Card

A digital business card is also known as an online or virtual business card. It is a new way of sharing information about yourself or about your business online. 

A business card is a smart way contact exchanging method which very beneficial during this pandemic.  

They can be easily made on any electronic device like an iPhone, Android, Laptop or iPad, etc. Furthermore, they are seen as more convenient by some. 

A business card can be customized as per the wish of the user because they do not hold any restrictions and there is no limit to what you can add to your card. 

People have become very creative as to how they customize their cards, photos and videos are just some examples of what you can add to your card. 

Social media profiles and logos are also a fun way to enrich one’s business card.

How do Digital Business Cards Work?

There are several apps out there that offer you unlimited templates for your business cards. 

Furthermore, you can make your template and customize your card as per your wish. Making a business is super easy and fun. 

Multiples cards can be made with different information on each, each has its own purpose and can be used in many ways. 

People use digital business cards for many different reasons like one can be made for contact information, one for business clients, and the other for friends. 

Digital business cards send online to people via apps but the people with the same apps can only send them to each other. 

However, there are some apps that allow users to send their digital business cards to other people who don’t have the same app. Hi Hello is a very good example of the latter one.  

What are the Benefits of Digital Business Cards?

Digital Business Cards

1. Convenience:

As digital cards are stored on phones or laptops they much easy to have on hand. As long your phone is with you don’t have to worry about your card as is only a pocket away. 

With paper cards, there is always a risk of going low on supply and running out of cards in the most important of time but with digital cards, that’s not the case. Because everything is online is no need to worry about low supply and pre-order more. 

With digital cards, a typo or a need to change information is very easy to fulfill whereas these types of things are very costly when it comes to paper cards.

Digital cards can be updated whenever you like wherever you like and can always be up to date.

2. Eco Friendly:

People have to admit that paper business cards are not a very environmentally friendly way of sharing one’s information. 

Most business cards are thrown without being even looked at. All this leads to waste of paper and littering. 

Digital business cards are online so no one can throw them away even if they wanted to. Being online has its own perks.

3. Affordable:

In means of cost, digital business cards are way more cheap and affordable than their paper counterparts.

Digital cards are made online via specific apps, these apps charge little to no fees for making cards. A lot of apps allow their users to make free cards. 

Meanwhile, paper cards are a waste of paper and money. People pay thousands of dollars for the printing of business cards throughout the year. 

Most of these cards are thrown away or aren’t even used which results in wastage of hard-earned money. 

4. No Information Restrictions:

When it comes to digital business cards there are many ways in which they can be customized. People are very creative when it comes to making their own cards. 

Most apps have a set of templates for business cards but users can make their own templates and add any kind of information that they want to add. 

From photos and videos to logos and social media profiles almost anything can be added to a digital business card. Whereas there are restrictions on paper cards where videos or one-click links cannot be added. 

How to Share a Digital Business Card?

Once a card has been personalized and made now it’s time to share it with other people. There are many ways in which digital cards can be shared. Sharing with QR Codes is one of them. 

On some apps, there is a feature that gives each digital card its own unique QR Code, and this QR Code can be scanned via mobile phone. Some apps allow users to send their cards via text message or email. 

This type of feature is available in some apps not all.  Every card has its own link and by copy-pasting this link and sending it to another person one can share their card. Once the receiver clicks on the links they will automatically be directed to the digital card.


Digital business cards have made their way into people’s lifestyles and are now an essential part of the online business world.

Seeing the current pandemic situation digital cards are very helpful in sharing information and are already way past their paper counterparts in means of popularity and usage.

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