Everything You Need To Know About The Australian Student Visa

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Australia is a fantastic country to study as it offers a great university atmosphere as well as a dynamic education system. If you plan to study in Australia, especially Adelaide, your decision is absolutely fine. But, what you will need is an Australian student visa.

What is a student visa subclass 500?

This is the most common visa that all students apply for. With this student visa 500, you can stay in Australia for the entire period of your degree course. But you have to make sure that your visa stays valid all throughout your study so that you cannot be faced with difficulties that can affect your academics.

How long the student visa 500 remains valid?

Depending on the length of the course periods, visa validity varies.

  1.     For courses longer than 10 months (finishing November-December): For a course longer than 10 months and ends in November or December, the visa will remain valid until the 15th of March of the following year.
  2.     For courses longer than 10 months (finishing January-October): This type, of course, will allow two more months of visa validity after its completion.
  3.     For courses shorter than 10 months: For courses shorter than 10 months, the visa remains valid for another 1 month, following the termination of the course.
  4.     Postgraduate research students: You will get an extra 6 month-validity on a visa if you’re a postgraduate research student during which you can complete your research thesis.
  5.     Primary school students: Visa remains valid for 2 years for primary school students enrolled in years 1-4. For continuation, they have to apply for it again.

What are the basic requirements for student visa subclass 500?

You need to meet the following requirements:

  1.     Age: From primary school students to university students, everyone can study in Australia. The minimum age requirement is 6. Those for secondary school study are 17, 18, 19 and 20 for years 9, 10, 11 and 12 respectively.
  2.     Course enrolment: You must get an enrollment confirmation letter to a certain course before you apply.
  3.     Welfare arrangements: If your age is less than 18, you must have your guardian or parent make necessary welfare arrangements, prior to your application.
  4.     English language requirements: You need to show test score of any English language proficiency test if your native language is not English.

What are the specific documents you will require to apply?

In accordance with the above-mentioned eligibilities, you need to submit the following documents at the time of application:

  1.     Identity documents: You will need to submit copy of bio-data pages of your passport, a valid identity card of your home country and four copies of passport-sized photographs.
  2.     Proof of enrolment: You will need to provide confirmation of enrolment or COE or an offer letter from the university.
  3.     Academic and work experience documents: You will need valid transcripts and certificates of the previous study course to show as well as valid certification of your previous work experience
  4.     GTE statement: Genuine temporary entrant or GTE is used to check whether you’re staying in Australia for the genuine reason of the study. You can’t use it for other purposes like residency. Certain circumstances in the home country and Australia and the potential value of your study will be taken into factor.
  5.     English language skill evidence: Tests like IELTS, TOEFL iBT, PTE Academic or Cambridge Advanced are internationally accepted. Required test scores vary on the level of study you will want to pursue.
  6.     Evidence for financial ability: You need to show that you can bear the necessary expenses of study, living, travel and also family expenditure if you bring your spouse and children. Alternatively, if your spouse or your parents can bear the cost, they have to show that evidence.
  7.     Details of health policy: Overseas Student Health Cover is the health insurance policy that you have to take as an international student.

What benefits will you get from a subclass 500 student visa?

Just not only study, but you can also get other benefits too.

  1.     First of all, you can participate in your own chosen study program.
  2.     You can bring your family members to Australia. Their presence will certainly give you enough mental support which will be beneficial for your study.
  3.     Applying in or outside Australia through the online portal is extremely easy.

What to do to make sure that your visa remains valid?

Once you get your visa, it’s now your responsibility to take care of it. You should see that it remains valid throughout your study course. Here’s what you can do:

  1.     Remain enrolled in the study program and maintain fair course results.
  2.     You’ll be staying in Australia for a considerable amount of time. So, you should give your residence address to your university so that they can contact you in case of an emergency.
  3.     You should make sure that you can financially support yourself throughout your study duration.
  4.     One of the benefits of this visa is that you can work for 40 hours in two weeks. While working, you should never violate the working conditions.

Ending note

For more details on migration services Adelaide and other requirements, you can contact Immigration Agent Adelaide online or via call. They have a number of migration agents and can provide you with experienced Visa Agent Adelaide who can guide you properly at every step of visa application. Apart from that, there are other options available too on the internet.



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