40 Must-read academic blogs for researchers and PhD students

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Are you currently looking for research blog posts from which you can gather information about writing or valuable tips? Then you have arrived at the right place. Go through the following list. 

  • Writing for Research

This academic blog aims to assist you in mastering the art of writing “research-based creative nonfiction.” It’s jam-packed with tips on everything from how to structure research papers to what to think about when deciding which journal to send your paper to.


  • GradHacker

GradHacker is an academic blog for graduates seeking ideas and tips for research paper writing. The topics vary from software reviews to disabilities, to how to communicate your research to a general audience.

  • Athene Donald’s Blog

The blog offers researchers’ opinions and perspectives. You will find topics such as what to do at academic conferences, gender disparity in academia, etc. The author maintains a balance by sharing a few blog posts about her personal life and interests.

  • The Research Whisperer

The blog posts assist early-career researchers in developing professional profiles and navigating the sometimes-difficult academic funding networks. You will also find a review section for PhD themed books. 

  • Academics Write

This is a blog about academic writing in various fields of study. You will find an interesting mix of blog posts on experience-based stories, research-based information, anecdotes, and opinion pieces.There are topics like self-efficacy, academic writing myths, etc.

  • From the Lab Bench

This blog is all about science. Dr. Jarreau writes and communicates about her research. You will find social media advice, science blogging, science journalism, and optimum research essay help.

  • Get a Life, PhD

The blog’s central theme is achieving academic success while living a full life. There are posts on literature review, presenting at academic conferences, tips for responding to a revise from a journal. She talks about work-life balance, the importance of exercises, etc.

  • Explorations of Style

The blog addresses the issues faced by students during academic writing. If you read the posts, you will know strategies to enhance your research and writing skills. You will find topics on writing anxiety, creating reverse outlines, and the writing process.

  • Patter

There are topics on academic writing, research education, conferences, and funding. You will get an insight into academic writing, writing a research question, citations and references, using images, finding relevant publications for a good literature review, etc.

  • WebMz

Here you will get to know a lot about biological studies, and find scholarly and academic blog links. The blog covers a host of topics including the importance of speaking about failure in science, women in science, and exploring alternative academic career options.

  • The Skeptical Scientist

Tim van der Zee shares his thoughts about study design, research methodology, evidence, (statistical) inference, etc. The site covers topics such as how to interpret confidence intervals and apply for an academic job.

(Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/cheerful-diverse-classmates-studying-in-park-6146970/) 

  • The Serial-Mentor

Professor Wilke discusses how to write efficiently, how to write grant applications, submit research articles, and more. He also discusses career growth issues like how to give effective presentations, how to succeed in graduate school, and how to apply for academic employment.

  • The Mad Scientist Confectioner’s Club

The blog site various topics that fall within the realm of academic publishing. These include peer review, academic writing, the scientific method, research funding, and science communication.

  • The Comfort Pursuit

Here you will get to learn about architecture, urbanism, and landscape. Dr Tavares also delves deep into academic writing, postgraduate life, and relevant tools and websites for researchers.

  • Surviving Science

Through “Surviving Science”, Natasha aims to share her experiences as a PhD student, both highs and lows. You will get to know how to write different sections of a research paper, critically analyze a cancer research paper, and deal with peer reviewer comments.

  • Scientist Sees Squirrel

Dr Heard and his team aim to understand “how ecological interactions and environmental contexts have influenced the assembly and evolution of ecological communities.” He also talks about peer review, journal rejection, writing an effective methods section etc. 

  • Reciprocal Space 

Professor Curry’s blog posts cover a wide range of subjects. These include scholarly publication and peer review, open access, scientific life, and his own insights and learnings from academic conferences. 

  • PhD Talk

The blog covers DrLantsoght’s experiences living abroad and travelling. You get to know about her current research interest, structural concrete, academic writing tips, life as a PhD, being productive, and managing time effectively.

  • Nick Hopwood

The blog posts are well-organized and archived under categories such as becoming a doctoral student, academic work and employment, conference presentations, and academic writing. He also talks about academic experiences, research methodologies, etc. 

  • Learning Scientists

Learning Scientists publishes blog posts for researchers, teaching professionals, and students. There are topics on note-taking strategies, creating study plans, and heuristics, etc. You will get an insight into human cognition and cognitive psychology. 

  • Jo Van Every

You will get tips related to effective writing skills, publishing for scholarly and non-scholarly audiences and decision-making throughout the academic journey. You will learn to deal with procrastination, maintain work-life balance, and know about peer review, etc. 

  • James Hayton, PhD

Dr James Hayton shares valuable tips to make the lives of PhD students a bit easier. His blog offers links related to academic writing, choosing a topic for your thesis, PhD survival, and dealing with PhD failures.  

(Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/adult-woman-using-netbook-in-contemporary-cafe-3768236/) 

  • Helen Kara

Dr Kara shares insight into research methods, publishing, research ethics, research collaboration, etc. She offers important tips on independent researching. 

  • Green Tea and Velociraptors

Here you will get to know about palaeontology.Dr Tennant blogs about his research interests, learnings as a PhD student, topics relevant to academic life such as peer review and open science and science communication.  

  • From PhD to Life

Dr Polk assists students in delving deeper into their own passions, exploring their choices, and dealing with academic strain. Dr Polk’s Transition Q&A series is a must-read section, according to her.

  • Feral Librarian

Dr Bourg writes about academic publishing, research libraries, and higher education on her blog. Her blog posts also touch on some of her personal interests, such as sports, music, and social justice issues.

  • The Dutch PhD Coach

You will get to see interesting links on a wide variety of topics, like Arjenne’s “LouterPromoveren.” The articles are available in English also. The content is great, and the PhD students will be able to gather interesting facts.

  • Dr Catherine Pope

She talks about overcoming procrastination, implementing planning techniques before writing, academic tools like Zotero and Evernote. She helps students enhance their productivity.

  • Dr Raul Pacheco-Vega, PhD

His blog is full of useful posts about academic life, including academic writing, reading methods, and surviving and succeeding in academia. He frequently includes articles on his own studies and aspects of public policy. 

  • Peoplegogy

This blog reads like a magazine, with a wide array of research topics. You particularly might like the “Doctoral Confessions” series, such as the Dr Will Show and much more.

  • Diary of Dr Logic

You will find blog posts on several topics related to scholarly publishing and life as an academic. There are topics based on teaching logic and philosophy, tips on being productive, maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and more.

  • DoctoralWritingSIG

This is an informative forum where you get to know about doctoral writing, resources, ideas, skills, tips and much more. You learn about grant writing, grammar advice, academic publishing. 

  • Dan Cohen

There are topics on current trends in library and information science, digital libraries, ebooks, the influence of digital technology on life today. You will know about web cultures, digital humanities, science communication trends, and science publishing.

(Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-wearing-gray-blazer-writing-on-dry-erase-board-1181534/) 

  • Dr Nadine Muller

She aims to provide support, training, and development resources for postgraduate and researchers. You will find ​topics like preparing for an academic job interview,prioritizing during doctoral studies, and the mental health of professionals within academia.

  • Crash Course

If you are pursuing a doctorate in history, then this site is for you. You will get to know about world history, US history, World War II and other important events. You will also get tips on presenting a research paper. 


The blog consists of innumerable podcasts, study guides and practice questions for nursing students. A team of professional nurses publish on a gamut of topics like getting into nursing school, NCLEX test preparation, nursing school struggles, etc.

  • American Chemical Society

If you are writing chemistry papers, then this site is for you. You will find articles written by field experts. From the site, you can gather facts on organic, inorganic chemistry, periodic properties, research methodologies, etc. 

  • The Stingy Scholar 

This blog is about the convergence between academics and saving money. The cost of education, politics that impact the cost of education, and online education opportunities are all discussed in depth.

  • Grad Psych Blog

The American Psychological Association of Graduate Students hosts this site. The site offers general graduate studies and dissertation guidance that is tailored–in particular–to graduate level psychology research.

  • PhD Plus 

Here, the author shares her struggles as a mathematician. These include solving assignments, finding resources for her papers, and much more. You will also find links to other mathematical sites. 

Hopefully, the blog sites will help you out. If you still struggle to write a research paper, hire an essay writer.

Author Bio: Clara Smith is a former Physics professor at a reputed university in the USA. She has her own blog site, where she shares important updates on string theory, and other fields. At present, she is the managing head at Allessaywriter.com

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