How To Draw A Butterfly For Learning With Easy Step By Step

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How To Draw a butterfly

Like all insects, they have distinct parts, three body parts of drawing a butterfly (head, head, and abdomen), three pairs of articular legs, and connected eyes. They also have two antennas and two wing pairs. Baby wings are the most beautiful part of their body that most people like to color and colorful butterfly drawing.

If you do not want to follow the steps for drawing a baby on this page and more to try on paper, you can download from the published step-by-step guide “How to Draw a Baby Easily and Fast ”here.

Step by step butterfly writing lessons and a published guide

As mentioned earlier, the baby’s most attractive and beautiful feature is its wings. The wings are made of a very thin and light material called chitin that extends between veins-like structures.

Anatomy diagram for draw a butterfly Easy Guide

Colors and patterns come from piles of small scales. You might think of them as fish scales, but they are arranged like small short hairs. These scales protect the wings and provide clearance.

How to draw a step butterfly with step by step tutorial

Step 1 – Start drawing the baby wing

We started drawing a baby by neatly placing both wings in front. If you are using a pencil for your drawing, do not circle the size for the first three steps as these lines are not endless and may be corrected later.

How to draw a wing in front of the wings

The front wings are close to the baby’s head and are almost triangular.

Step 2 – Adding the last wings

Continue by writing outlines of the two wings on the back of your baby. Be sure to reduce its size. Now you have a general set of baby wings.

How to draw a baby butterfly background

The last wings are close to the tail and look like fans or shells.

Step 3

Now it’s time to draw the body of a baby. Start by drawing the middle part – the box. Note that the front and back wings are attached to the chest, so draw the rib cage in the very middle to unite all the wings. Then add a circle at the top – the head – and the abdomen below the chest.

How to draw a butterfly’s body


Step 4

Add two eyes to the baby’s head and two antennae. Antennas do not bend too much. Now draw the cracks in the cross-section on the baby’s abdomen. Your baby is being tested!

How to draw a butterfly head

Fifth step
Remember, we talked about defining the first bases of the wings? In this step, you can use the whole pencil when draw a butterfly the final drawings of the beautiful baby wings.

How to draw baby wings

Step 6

This step brings challenges. The best way to draw a butterfly on the hind wings is to start on the inside of the wings near the abdomen. Second, make the large nest at the top. Add more cells later and don’t try to be right – all butterflies have slightly different designs.

Draw baby wings

Step 7

Simple writing on the front wings makes it a little easier. It has a different size cell at the top and 3 to 4 cells around it. Don’t forget to add thin muscles to each cell.

Draw baby wings

Step 8

The space between the cells begins to darken.

Draw the cells of a baby’s wings

Step 9

Complete the picture of baby wings.

Draw a baby’s wings


Step 10

Coloring can be done with pencils, watercolors, or ink. Sometimes the back wings are clean and the front wings are also red but you can use any color you want if you are not trying to draw an American draw butterfly.

Paint butterfly wings in color
The scales on the baby’s wings are usually brightly colored, while the scales and bottom are patterned for each face.

How to write a step-by-step publication and step-by-step guide

Draw pictures of what you need for your butterfly pictures
Write a penny
Real brush pens (a great fun thing!) Or professional watercolor pens (great too!)
More information about draw a butterfly.
There are approximately 18,000 species of butterflies around the world. An older baby has a very short life span of three to four weeks. Babies, like the king of North America who went into a summer, can be up to 7 to 8 months in one generation when you count the entire life cycle of the baby.

Monarch butterflies migrate in search of a warmer climate and are the only insects to migrate 2,500 miles away from the cold.

Here is some fun:
Baby wings are clear.
They cannot fly when they are cold.
Babies taste their feet;
They drink from muddy puddles.
Babies live on a whole-water diet;

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