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Do you suffer from mild to moderate knee pain? It can be due to mild injury, twist, swelling, or arthritis, and you can use some effective methods to relieve knee pain. These remedies will provide you comfort and help you to manage symptoms properly. On the contrary, if the pain is not improving or the symptoms are not vanishing, it is best to take medical help for diagnosis and proper treatment. 

How to Relieve Knee Discomfort? 

This article illustrates some helpful information regarding therapies and supplements that may help improve your knee condition. 

Use RICE Method to Improve Strains and Sprains 

Unfortunately, if you have twisted your limb, have fallen, or injured your knee, you should try the pioneering RICE method: 

  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Compression
  • Elevation

It would help if you tried not to move your injured leg or knee too much. Also, frequently applying a bag of ice to the affected area can provide much help. Then it would help if you covered your knee using a compression bandage to avoid inflammation. Be careful as wrapping too tightly can hinder blood circulation. And when you rest, you should try to keep your foot raised. 

Tai Chi 

This traditional Chinese mind-body workout can help improve stability and flexibility. Research in 2009 revealed that if osteoarthritis patients practice the tai chi technique, they can enjoy great benefits. Hence, tai chi can help diminish pain and enhance the range of movement. While it involves deep breathing and relaxation techniques, it can help you effectively manage stress and chronic pain conditions. 


A regular exercise schedule can help strengthen your muscles and maintain flexibility. It is an essential tool to treat osteoarthritis and other knee issues. While resting the leg or restricting movement can help you prevent pain. On the contrary, it can also harden the joint and slow down the recovery process. And if you suffer from osteoarthritis, insufficient workouts can accelerate the rate of harm to the knee joint. 

Also, experts suggest that people suffering from osteoarthritis should practice with another individual to maximize the benefits of exercise. They can choose to work out with a personal trainer or an exercise partner. While experts also advise people to get involved in an activity that motivates them. 

Some low-impact activities to follow: 

  • Cycling 
  • Walking 
  • Swimming 
  • Water Sports 
  • Tai Chi 
  • Yoga 

However, you should avoid workout if you suffer from an:

  • injury 
  • serious knee issue 
  • outburst of symptoms 

And when you resume the activity after recovery, you should choose a gentle exercise that you used to follow. The best way is to consult a knee pain doctor near me or a therapist to help you structure a workout program that matches your condition and adapt it when your symptoms change. 

Managing Weight 

If you are overweight or obese, your knee joints have to bear extra pressure. As per the recognized Arthritis Foundation, every 10 pounds of weight can place 15 to 50 pounds of pressure on your joints. Also, obesity and inflammation are closely linked. For instance, individuals with a high Body Mass Index (BMI) have a higher chance of becoming a victim of OA than those with low BMI. 

If a longstanding health issue causes pain in your knees, you should try the tricks of weight management to improve the symptoms. And if you suffer from knee discomfort and high BMI, your physician may help you determine a target weight and help formulate a plan to help accomplish your goal. You may have to modify your dietary habits and exercise regularly. 

Heat and Cold Therapy 

If you have a knee issue, you can try using a heating pad to rest your joints. While a cold pad treatment can help improve swelling. Below are a few tips for using heat and cold therapies: 

  • Switch between cold and heat therapy 
  • Apply heating pad for a max of 20 minutes 
  • In the initial days of the injury, use cold treatment for 20 minutes per session and repeat four to eight times a day. 
  • Frequently use a gel or cold pack during the first day after a knee injury 
  • Avoid applying ice directly to your skin 
  • Avoid heat pad treatment if your joints get warm during a flare 
  • Take a warm bath to comfort stiff joints 
  • Paraffin and ointments are also effective ways to apply heat and cold therapies. 

Herbal Treatment 

In research of 2011, scholars explored pain easing effects of salve that comprised of: 

  • Cinnamon
  • Ginger
  • Mastic
  • Sesame Oil

The research found that salve was as beneficial as OTC medications with salicylate. A few people prefer such remedies, but there is insufficient evidence to validate that any herbal treatment significantly impacts knee condition. 

Hence, it’s ideal to see a doctor or a pharmacist before trying out any remedies. 

Try Willow Bark 

Many people use willow bark extract to treat joint pain as it helps ease pain and swelling. However, there is less evidence to validate its effectiveness. Apart from this, there might be a few safety issues. Hence, you should consult your doctor or pharmacist if you:

  • Suffer from gastrointestinal issues 
  • Consume blood thinner or medication to regulate blood pressure  
  • Take an anti-inflammatory drug 
  • Use medicines to treat nausea or faintness 
  • Suffer from aspirin allergy 
  • Less than 18 years old 

Use Ginger Excerpt 

You can consume ginger in many ways. You can take it through supplements, tea, or add flavour to your dishes. Research suggests that ginger has unique properties that help ease osteoarthritis pain when people consumed it along with prescription medications. 


If you have knee pain Richardson, you may treat your condition through remedies, but sometimes you may need medical help. You should see a doctor in case of:

  • Serious pain and inflammation 
  • Distortion or severe bruising 
  • Symptoms appear in other body parts 
  • Suffer from any other health issue that could complicate the healing process
  • Symptoms that last for many days or worsen with time 
  • There are any signs of infections 

The Arthritis Foundation does not approve supplements or other herbal remedies. Hence, you are unsure of what the products comprise or the effects they may have. So, you should consult a specialist before trying out any remedies or therapies. 

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