15 Amazing Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas You Can’t Ignore

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You definitely can opt for a farmhouse bathroom theme without having to live in a farm. Whether retro or rustic, the farmhouse design takes us back to those simpler days when things were better in a different way in the absence of modern innovations. Back then, people enjoyed a luxury bath after their hard day probably with a wine bottle, candles and a good read. The main point is, you could recreate this type of bathroom style in your home or anywhere you want.

However, traditional design does not indicate that you could not have a modern edge bathroom. The present tubs, hardware, sinks and toilets could be up-to-date with a historical design. You could achieve the feel and look of a farmhouse bathroom using modern functionalities.

Modern farmhouses may be the most relaxed and comfortable. Furthermore, there is a bit about the unassuming and sweet hues materials which could bring out peach, relaxation and solace. It is not about only rustic and shiplap, weathered accessories. You could even load your farmhouse bathroom by industrial, polished and modern designs. no matter where you live, these farmhouse bathroom ideas could be useful to remodel your bathroom.

1. Shelf of your farmhouse bathroom

You could install domestic wood shelves on the walls of your bathroom but the light gray color would suit well. Those pieces would hold toilet papers, extra towels and potted plants. Upset cabinet handles and whitewashed mirror could lend your bathroom ragged chic style. Moreover, a two-tone formal rug would modernize your bathroom space.

2. Shower curtains for your farmhouse bathroom

White colored block-out curtain would make sure your complete privacy. It could amazingly contrast by using a bent iron rod. Window trim vaccination and wood vanity could bring unmissable warmness into the whole area. Macramé wall dangling and French country mat could catch anyone’s eye.

3. Bathroom Vanity

White tiles could make your shower room airy and bright. Plaited sisal rug and river rocks could offer your bathroom rustic textures. Galvanized metal tubs with wooden legs could turn the space into an amazing vanity. You could put a wire net basket below the empty space of your farmhouse sink for keeping towels and flowers.

4. Vintage accessories

Paint your cabinets and shiplap walls with white as they could show an effortless touch of openness. Antique vanity lights could be used as your bathroom accessories whereas wooden elements could set a warm scene and greenery smarten up the area.

5. Bathroom pictures

The palette of white color could lighten up and enlarge your space equally. Floating shelves and incomplete wood vanity would bring country charm to your bathroom. Striped curtains give you the privacy to maintain.

6. Ceiling lighting for your farmhouse bathroom

Large square tiles could offer you a modern appeal and widening effect to your space whereas black walls give you a feeling of drama. The beaded lighting fixtures could illuminate your entire room.

7. Half-bath décor

The skylight would keep the roof space half-bath from being overcrowded and wooden units could warmth the zone. Brick walls could fill the corner space with cozy and character ambiance. Round mirror with black frame works of art would finish off your scheme.

8. Shower ideas for your bathroom

If your farmhouse bathroom is white, it may seem open and spotlessly clean. Reclaimed beams of wood are a greeted contrast to your vaulted ceiling. Shower fixtures could enhance functionality to your bathroom. Brown carpet and gray rug give you comfort underfoot. Cotton stalks in the vase would serve as a focal piece.  

9. Wooden bench

You could turn your clean gray and white bathroom into a spa-like place by adding a natural, rough-hewn wooden farmhouse bench. Keep this bench beside your shower tub and you could keep your shower accessories on it.

10. Wooden theme

For giving your bathroom a traditional look, a wooden theme may do the work for you. Give your bathroom mirror a wooden frame and install wooden shelves for keeping towels and greenery. These theme could give your modern bathroom a look of farmhouse.

11. Faux stand and flower vase

Use something unique than usual and a different flower vase is the best because it reflects your personality. The sack-like carry bag works best for holding plenty of flowers. You should place this bag on a wooden table to make your bathroom colorful. Artificial stand would be perfect. Wooden hook on the wall with the combination of the metal hook would make a nice look. You could hang your towels and robes in style.

12. Lettered art for wall

Perhaps your bathroom wall needs a wall art. If you could not find the proper art for your farmhouse bathroom, don’t worry at all! All you need to make lettered art for the wall by yourself. By doing this, you could customize the scheme that may suit your personality.

13. Wooden ladder

Wooden ladder is the perfect choice for your farmhouse bathroom. You could put the ladder in one corner of the bathroom or just keep it behind your toilet seat. It is the right place to keep your different towels on it. you could paint it with white if you want to.

14. Sliding wooden door

If there is less space in your bathroom, a sliding wooden door would be great. Installing this type of door could save enough space as well as giving it an outstanding traditional look.

15. Wood bucket for holding toilet paper

The farmhouse metal and wood bucket is the right storage place to keep toilet papers or other accessories for your bathroom. It is beautiful and convenient at the same time.

Hopefully, these farmhouse bathroom ideas would help you to décor your bathroom and give them an amazing and traditional look. Follow the ideas that you like most and make it more relaxed!

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