Dynamic Combination of Kratom And Turmeric Powder

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Kratom and turmeric is one highly potent combo that anyone interested in improving their wellbeing should try out. Since research on Kratom is inconclusive at the moment, you should use these supplements with great care. Turmeric, on the other hand, is considered the godfather of Ecstasy. When brought together, these substances make the perfect combo. Read on to find out why.


What Does the Kratom-Turmeric Combo Achieve?

Turmeric powder comes from the turmeric or hidden-Lilies plants of the ginger family. It is an orange antioxidant-rich powdered herb. Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties are a close match to those of Kratom (mitragyna speciosa). The presence of anti-inflammatory properties in Kratom is partly due to Rhynchophylline and 7-hydroxy mitragynine in Kratom leaves.

Turmeric and Kratom have other common health benefits, including the ability to lift the mood. Your blood does not absorb turmeric as fast as other substances, which is why most people have been combining it with ground pepper. Black pepper has a naturally occurring substance that aids with catalyzing the absorption of turmeric by 2000%.

The compound responsible for Tumeric’s anti-inflammatory properties is known as curcumin. In nature, curcumin is similar to the alkaloid content in Kratom. The Kratom, turmeric, and black pepper combination have weighty anxiolytic effects. In this case, turmeric serves as a potentiator, allowing Kratom to induce greater effects over prolonged periods of time. 

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What are Potentiators 

To potentiate is to increase the power/potency of a substance. A potentiator is another substance that is akin to the one being potentiated. Turmeric and black pepper serve as Kratom potentiators. 

The red maeng da kratom effects can help you mask its smell and taste of the primary substance while enhancing its benefits. 

A handful of other substances can work as kratom potentiators, including grapefruit, cayenne, and starfruit. However, Turmeric is the best potentiator for Kratom because it has its own health benefits. 

How much Turmeric is Needed to Potentiate Kratom?

To accelerate and intensify the effects of Kratom, the mixture should contain at least two-thirds black pepper and turmeric and one-third kratom. This is the thumb’s rule when preparing kratom tea. Experts claim that black pepper and turmeric should be taken about an hour before burning kratom powder for best results. The recommended dosage is one tablespoon of pepper to one tablespoon of Kratom.

Alternatively, you can replace the black pepper with theracurmin, a variation of turmeric in nanoparticles known to increase absorption. However, theracurmin is relatively expensive – the 600mg bottle goes for $100. If you are working with a lien budget, you can go with the turmeric-black pepper option since it’s cheaper.

Image Source: Unsplash https://unsplash.com/photos/OBbqF70kFlo 

Kratom Turmeric Ratio

The best Kratom-turmeric dosage will vary from one user to the other. However, the general standard practice is taking 0.5 grams of turmeric for every 1.5g of turmeric. You can always adjust the ratio to meet your unique needs.

The more turmeric you take before ingesting Kratom, the better the chances of augmenting the latter’s effects.

Health Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric is a potent substance with numerous health benefits, including the ability to combat free radicals that might wreak havoc on your body and mind. By neutralizing free radicals in your body and boosting antioxidant enzymes, turmeric helps in disease prevention.

The curcumin in turmeric increases the Brain-Deprived Neurotrophic Factor, improving your memory. It has been to support the function of the endothelium and alleviate some symptoms of heart disease. One study specifically found out that turmeric can reduce the risk of suffering heart-attack by 65%. This comes as good news because Kratom has been associated with high blood pressure and heart palpitation in some users.

Image source: Unsplash https://unsplash.com/photos/Ic_J1jKhDYE 

Besides potentiating Kratom, turmeric has a robust nutritional profile, making it a potent health food. Turmeric contains many natural minerals and vitamins, including iron, niacin, vitamin C, potassium, manganese, vitamin B6, and more. Being a spice, turmeric is low in calories, which means you can integrate it into virtually any diet.

Kratom Health Benefits

The US Food and Drug Administration is yet to approve Kratom for medical use in the United States. However, a significant portion of the American population still considers it as a medical herb. Kratom has been in use for hundreds of years in some parts of the world to treat insomnia and for pain relief.

Some of the effects associated with Kratom use are:

  • Euphoria,
  • Relaxation,
  • Stimulation,
  • Improved mood,
  • Mild sedation, and
  • Improved sociability.

Things You Should Consider When Taking Kratom-Turmeric Combo

Before stacking up turmeric, black pepper, and Kratom, you should understand that each of these substances has its independent side effects. The effects of one substance can potentially amplify those of another.

Image Source: Unsplash https://unsplash.com/photos/2bGL3ydxJzs 

Some of the side effects of turmeric use include nausea, diarrhoea, stomach upset, and dizziness. Turmeric overdose can result in abnormal heart rhythm, which can be lethal. Megadoses of 1,500mg and above are considered overdoses.

On the other hand, Kratom shares some of turmeric’s side effects such as stomach upset, dizziness, diarrhoea, and nausea. Some Kratom users have reported experiencing loss of motor coordination, fatigue, confusion, agitation, lethargy, and vomiting.

Final Thought

The Kratom-turmeric combo is a relatively effective and safe way to augment Kratom’s potency while combating free radicals and boosting your brain function. Like all other traditional herbs, you should stick to moderation to avoid unpredicted side effects. Remember that the Food and Drug Administration does not regulate Kratom. Be smart, be safe, and be well.



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