Know-How Student Visa Subclass 500 Works in Australia?

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A Student Visa Subclass 500 allows you to participate in a particular program you are interested in. It lets you stay in the country for up to five years and even bring your family members. You can fill in the application form from outside or inside the country. By obtaining the visa, you can achieve your dream of completing your studies at a recognized institution. The things you can do after obtaining a subclass 500 are listed here.

  •         Complete your higher studies 

The visa permits you to go to the country legally and complete your studies. Many people have a dream to visit Australia for further studies, and they can fulfill the same after obtaining the visa. It has helped many students to complete their studies and work in the country.

  •         Can apply from inside or outside the country 

The visa can be applied from inside or outside the country, another benefit of a subclass 500. It indicates that you do not have to change the location when you wish to obtain the visa.

  •         Bring your family members. 

A 500 visa allows you to bring your family member wishing to stay in the country with you. Before that, they have to meet the requirements mentioned by the authorities.

  •         Work with the visa 

Most importantly, the visa allows you to work up to 40 years each two weeks after the course starts. It is a great way to work in your field and to earn some money. In short, you can work and study at the same time with a visa 500. For more details, immigration agents Perth can assist you, so get in touch with them.

  •         Travel in and out of the country 

During this time, if you want to travel to your home country or any other place, you have the freedom to do so. There is no limit to the number of times you can so. Whenever you wish to visit your home, you can do so with a visa. It is the perk of the visa, allowing you to come out and enter the country as per your wish.

  •         Stay up to five years. 

The visa allows you to stay up to five years in the country, and during this period, you have an opportunity to work and study. If you want to stay for a long period after completing five years, you have to again apply for a student visa. For any guidance, the immigration agents Perth are always there to assist you.

  •         Travel to different parts of the country 

The visa allows you to travel in and around the country without facing any difficulties. Once you have entered the country with the visa, no one will disturb you till it’s valid.

Requirements of the visa 

A few requirements are there that everyone applying for a visa subclass 500 must attain. They are:

  •         Attaining the age requirement 

The first criterion is to attain the age requirement, and a few specifications are there for that.

  •         When you start year 9, be less than 17 years.
  •         When you start year 10, you need to be less than 18 years.
  •         Be less than 20 while you plan to start year 12.
  •         You should be below 19 years when you begin year 11.


     Provide evidence of enrolment of a course 

You must provide evidence regarding the college where you have enrolled and what course you have taken. It shows that you are not lying and have registered into a program.

  •         Attaining the English language requirement 

The application must have details on your English language skills while applying. You must provide the details of the score obtained while applying for a student visa 500.

  •         Make necessary welfare arrangements. 

If you are below 18, you must make welfare arrangements, so you stay in the country without facing any trouble. Aspirants who are above 18 or will be 18 after arriving in Australia may not need to make such arrangements. But for that, they have to provide proof of the same.

  •         Have the right visa 

While applying for a subclass 500, ensure you have a particular visa with you. Aspirants carrying a subclass 426, a subclass 403, a subclass 995, a subclass 600, or a subclass 771 is not eligible to apply for this visa.

  •         A genuine temporary migrant 

You must be a genuine temporary migrant and will return to your country after completing your studies.

  •         Attaining health and character requirements 

The health and character specifications need to be achieved as specified by the authorities. Make sure you follow every parameter as asked by the professionals, or else you have to face rejections.

  •         Having enough funds to stay here 

The migration agent near me can tell you how much funds you will require to stay in the country. Based on that, you have to make the necessary arrangements and enter the details on your application form.

  •         Paying your debts achieved 

The student visa 500 will only be sanctioned when you have cleared the dues you have under the Australian government. If you cannot pay the whole amount, you must make some necessary arrangements for the same.

  •         Best interests of the applicant 

The 500 visa will be granted if it is in the best interests of the child below 18 years.

  •         No previous visa cancellation or rejection 

In no way must you have faced rejection or cancelation previously. If you have encountered one, you have to check the cancellation effects of the visa. To avoid this, it is better to get in touch with a migration agent Perth. The experts are aware of every step and will not let you face any such similar situation.

Signing off 

By obtaining the visa, you can prepare for your journey and go to Australia. The student visa 500 checklist will help you keep every aspect in mind that you must fulfill. Also, the migration agents can assist you in case the authorities ask for some more pieces of evidence to sanction your visa.

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