Everything You Should Know To Become A Community Care Worker In Australia

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Are you curious about community care services in Perth? Studying in Australia is a profitable option due to the vast opportunities it offers. Australia also receives crazy demand of community service workers. Especially in this Covid-19 scenario, the need and role of community support workers is huge. If you are interested in community or case management courses in Australia, there are relevant institutes. Want to know more about community health workers and its career prospects? Let’s move ahead.

Who are Community Health Workers?

A community care worker acts as an intermediate between social services, the government and a community. Their main responsibility is to spread awareness among the community members about public health. They generally work for non-profit or government organisations. 

What educational qualifications are necessary for community care service in Australia?

Australia has a lot of community courses for international students. Melbourne, Sydney and Perth offer specific diploma courses on case management. Do you want to enrol in a vocational training program in Perth? Let’s first assess the educational requirements that is needed to qualify as a community support helper.

Diploma –  

To begin a career as a community health worker, you must have a high school diploma or equivalent. Although subject requirements can vary from one institute to another. A diploma in community services or a VET on a relevant course is also an alternative. The updated qualifying factor for community services is the Diploma of community services with specialisation in Case Management. The course will cover the following key practices:

  • Encouraging and enforcing safe habits
  • Counselling clients on health-related issues
  • Disseminating informational materials

The case management specialisation will cover key topics such as:

  • Case Management Administration
  • Workstation Debriefing
  • Managing and Leading the Teams

Usually, this course takes up to 12 months to finish. However, you can join an online course that suits your personal time requirements. The course has a few general obligations. The eligibility criteria goes as follows:

  • One must be at least 18 years of age
  • Candidates must have relevant literacy and language qualifications
  • Candidates should also have skills in computer science
  • One must have easy internet access 

Work Experience – 

 After finishing the CHC52015 diploma of community services, get work experience. A work experience in community services is a must to understand the skills required. This gives the community worker time to assess his abilities and adjust likewise. Prior job experience facilitates easy understanding and prompt decision-making. The vocational work lasts for up to 100 hours. The main reasons why a real work experience is necessary are mentioned below:

  • Facilitates understanding of work demands
  • Provides professional networking assistance which helps to earn referrals
  • Priority is offered because of prior experience

Final Application –

Post the work experience, you may apply as a community care worker. Australia, for instance, has witnesses a rise in the demand for community support services. The following are a few job roles that a student is eligible to sign up for:

  • Case Management Work
  • Family Support Worker
  • Community Support Worker
  • Disabilities Support Worker
  • Youth Support Worker
  • Residential Care Agent
  • Probation Officer

What skills should a community care worker possess?

  1. Analytical Skills – Analysing data and providing solutions is a primary function of community workers.
  2. Communication Skills – Efficient communication is a top priority. Communication is essential to translate information from communities to social services.
  3. Interpersonal Attributes – A positive interpersonal skills include compassion, care, awareness and conflict management. This is necessary to build confidence and trust.
  4. Problem-Solving – Managing conflicts and providing appropriate solutions to communities are necessary to promote effective community service.
  5. Patience – Since, the process involves communicating and teaching communities, perseverance is vital to community service workers. Patience allows for a calm working mind and better communication.
  6. Responsible – A community worker’s first concern should be being responsibility. Carelessness can cause undue or potential damage. There is no scope for such unwanted behaviour while working as a community helper.
  7. Promptness/Quick-Wittedness – Quick problem-solving and decision making skills are an indicators of a professional community support worker. Promptness arrives with experience. To ensure successful functioning of community services, one must be responsible, efficient and quick.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a community care worker?

  • Educating individuals on health issues and health care
  • Providing recreational information through presentations
  • Communicating with students, parents and teachers to discuss relevant issues
  • Spreading awareness about eligible government programs 
  • Connecting communities with social services
  • Providing health solutions and recommendations
  • Assisting people with health insurance applications
  • Facilitating communication between health service providers and patients
  • Reporting relevant data records to social services
  • Escorting clients to their respective medical appointments
  • Providing first aid and health care assistance
  • Providing counselling service

Colleges in Australia are flexible in their approach and structured in their teaching techniques. Community service courses in Australia are also increasingly popular. If community care services motivate you, you know exactly how to get in. Research your options prior to decision-making for a successful course enrolment. 


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