What is The Difference Between Hair-Cutting Scissors And Shears?

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People often think that scissors and shears are the same things. Are you among those, or you know that they both are different tools used for different purposes?

Well, everybody stays in confusion until and unless they come to know the difference between a hair cutting scissors and shear.

Scissors and hair shears are two tools designed for doing diverse activities. They are not only different in design but application as well.

If you want to know the complete difference between the two, read this article till the end.

What is a scissor?

Scissors are cutting tools with two small blades that can cut through materials. They can be used at different workplaces, homes, salons, and kitchens.

They are used as multi-purpose cutting tools that can be used to cut both soft and hard materials and surfaces. They consist of two handles with separate blades that cut the material.

They come in different sizes and quality depending upon their application. Their designs are modified according to the use and based on the material.

Apart from being different in size and quality, scissors are differentiated based on their price, which then actually depends on the quality of the material used to make scissors.

Like, if you are using hand-forged Japanese scissors it means you are choosing expensive scissors because it is extremely sharp and durable in use.

There are different sizes of scissors used in different work settings. Here are some of the common applications of scissors:

Medical Applications

These scissors are specifically used for medical procedures like surgeries. They are sharp and are capable of making deep cuts in the body.

The medical scissors’ blades are very different from the normal scissors and are very sharp because of their application.

Kitchen Scissors

These scissors are used for cutting fruits, vegetables, and herbs. They are easy to handle and come with a very comfortable covering.

They are also available in different colors and designs. It makes them look more attractive, and they add beauty to your kitchen.

Hair Cutting Scissors

These scissors are mostly used for beautification applications. Like trimming eyebrows, nails, and the cutting and thinning of hair.

They are sharp and are mostly used in salons for grooming purposes. They have a finger rest protruding from one handle to allow a precise and clean haircut.

Most of the hair dresser’s prefer them for cutting hair because of their comfortable use.

Kids Scissors

These scissors are less sharp because they have to ensure the safety of kids. They are covered with a plastic coating, and even the blades are covered with plastic.

If the inexperienced hand of a kid uses it, he will not get hurt, but the scissors will serve their purpose.

What are Shears?

Shears are the type of scissors designed for special purposes but are larger. They are six inches long, and you need to apply more force to cut materials with them, especially when it comes to harder materials.

Their handle is larger than a typical scissor and is gripped with the entire palm. Some of the shears have adjustable screws attached to them that help you in precision cutting.

They accommodate more fingers so that you can apply a larger force when you have to cut through hard material.

Most of the dressmaker shears are of bent beak type shape. They allow the dressmakers to shear the fabric easily.

Applications of Shears

Shears are specifically designed scissors used for different purposes. You can them from gardening activities to trimming the edges of the grass.

They can also be used to cut the animal fleece to make wool out of it. They are larger and sharper and are also capable of cutting metal sheets and wires.

Pruning Shears

They are a type of scissors longer than six inches with one larger handle. They are used for cutting hard woody stems because of their sharp blades.

When you apply more force, you can easily prune the hard woody stems with these shears.

Poultry Shears

These shears are specifically used for poultry purposes, but you cannot use them to cut vegetables or other food items with them. They only break down the poultry.

Barber Shears

They are the convex beveled and hybrid shears available in a variety of lengths. Hair shears are made of stainless steel to ensure sustainability and hardness at the same time.

They have comb-like teeth on one or both blades to help you in cutting the perfect portion of hair. They also consist of detachable blades.

Hence, we come to know that scissors and shears are both used for cutting purposes. The cutting material decides which of them you should use. For example, grass cannot be cut with scissors, and shears cannot cut fruits and vegetables.

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