Why to choose Wisesolution to buy Linux Reseller Hosting in India?

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After the introduction of Jio in 2015, almost every person has access to the internet now. This not only boosted the online businesses but made it compulsory for almost all businesses, whether small or big, to get an online presence for themselves to lure more customers. Now every customer judges the reliability of a business based on its website. If you don’t have a website, then your customers won’t trust you. 

Scary know?

Well, to get online, every website needs safe and secure Hosting. In short, Hosting is the root of every online business; therefore, no hosting means no website and hence no customers. So, according to you, which is safe Hosting?

Due to the open-source operating system, which developers can easily mould according to their business requirement and preferences, Linux hosting is the best choice for almost every type of business.  

To make the best advantage of this opportunity, now small companies or start-ups, rather than setting up their own data centres, prefer to buy Linux Reseller Hosting from big companies and successfully running their hosting business via earning good profit. 

So what are you waiting for?

If you also want to run a hosting business, Go and grab this opportunity as soon as possible. 

In this article, I have discussed What Linux reseller hosting and why to choose Wisesolution only to buy Linux Reseller Hosting packages in India.  

What is Linux Reseller Hosting?

Linux Reseller Hosting refers to hosting where large web hosting companies rent out their space to small start-ups or agencies to resell the space further to end-users. Here, small companies earn good profit without disclosing the identity of the parent web hosting provider and themselves act as real hosting companies.  

The operating system used in this type of Hosting is Linux, also known as an open-source or luxury operating system. 


Why Choose Wisesolution to buy Linux Reseller Hosting in India?

Wisesolution is the industry-leading Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting provider in India. The company vows to provide top-class resources to its clients to gain trust and earn a long-term relationship with its clients. The professional and certified technical team of Wisesolution works 24/7 to provide their clients with a solution for their hosting problems. Currently, it is serving in India, Canada, and France at the most reasonable rates with zero risks.


Benefits of buying Linux Reseller Hosting from Wise Solution

Though there are a lot of benefits, here I would like to discuss only a few.

  1. 7 days money-back guarantee: Normally the web hosting companies offer 30 days money-back guarantee but we at wisesolution to keep our customers distress, follows seven days money return policy. 
  2. 100% site uptime assurance: We make sure that our clients do not face any kind of interruption; therefore, our professional team works all round the clock and monitors services to keep websites always up. 
  3. Easy data migration services: With Wisesolution, you can hassle-free shift your data from your existing server to our server. Though there are nominal charges, we provide complete safe migration services. 
  4. Datacenter choice: To get the best performance and security of the website, one should choose the hosting location where a website is going to serve its customers. For example- if you are running a business in the USA and want customers from the USA only, you need a hosting location USA to make your website perform best. The Wisesolution serves in more than 25 countries to give the best user experience to its customers. 
  5. Free Domain and Reseller Hosting Hosting Account: With easy sign-up to Wisesolution, one can resell his/her Linux hosting packages, emails, free domains to its end-users at one click. 
  6. Softaculous Installer: Wisesolution also offers a Softaculous installer that makes it easy for clients to install 400+softwares and applications on their server in one click. 
  7. Protected by Cloudflare: The Wisesolution offers Cloudflare for optimized performance, DDoS protection, and high network security. 
  8. Special Hosting Services: Wisesolution offers special hosting services as well; in case a client wants to scale resources, he/she can ask the technical team to get the work done on an urgent basis. 
  9. Free SSL Certificate: With the Linux Reseller Hosting package of Wisesolution, clients get a free SSL certificate to run their websites with HTTPS status to earn reliability in the users’ and google’s perspective.     
  10. cPanel:  The Wisesolution offers cPanel with all of its limited and unlimited Linux Reseller Hosting packages so that its clients get full control to manage the domains, emails, and sites as well as terminate or suspend their end-users account. 

Wisesolution Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting Plans and Prices

Wisesolution provides the best, cheap and flexible prices for its Linux Reseller Hosting plans in India. The clients of the company can easily re-customize this plan and resell it further to its end customers. Along with cheap unlimited Linux reseller hosting plans, the certified and professional technicians of the company render 24/7 technical support to all of its resellers hosting services to run long term relationships with its clients.  

Wisesolution Linux Reseller Hosting Plans and Prices


Wise Solution Customer Reviews

In this section, I would like to focus on what customers say about our brand name and services.

Have a look. 

wisesolution linux reseller hosting customer reviews


I hope the above section helped you know why you should choose only Wisesolution for your Linux Reseller Hosting plan. Whether it’s a small start-up or a big company, Linux suits everyone’s choice and mostly fits in everyone’s budget. 

Wisesolution is successfully selling its cheap unlimited Linux reseller hosting plans in all over India, Canada and France and made a solid customer base in the hosting market. The faith of customers in the company made it won various awards and gained popularity in this steadily growing market. 

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