How to transfer QuickBooks Data to a New Computer

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Many a time it is seen that it becomes a need to transfer the data of QuickBooks Desktop from old computer to the new one. The possible reason for transferring the data could be that you might purchase a new computer having the latest version of QuickBooks installed on it and from now onwards you want to work on it only. Or there may be any other relevant reason for you to take the decision of transferring the QuickBooks data to a new computer. If you are among the users of the US version of QuickBooks desktop, then you can transfer the QuickBooks data of maximum three files from one computer to the new computer with the help of a migratory tool. Also, we advise you to take backup of your QuickBooks data time to time.

In this article, we guide you thoroughly about the various steps of processing QuickBooks Data transfer to a new computer. Just follow with us:

Transfer of QuickBooks Data from one computer to a new computer using Migration Tool

QuickBooks allows its users to make use of a very important tool named as a migrating tool for transferring any kind of data in QuickBooks from one computer to another. Just make some clicks and get your data transferred as desired.

You must keep one thing in mind that when you are transferring QuickBooks data from one computer to another, there will be no effect on the product license.

  • We suggest you to reinstall QuickBooks Desktop on the new company before you proceed for transferring data.
  • You should take back up of company data or all the QuickBooks files on the original computer.
  • After taking Backup you must save it with a new name to avoid any overwrite issue later. When you gave unique name to the old backup it will get easy for you to identify.
  • Make sure to save in the location whereby you can easily track like you can save it on to window desktop.
  • Now you should transfer the QuickBooks backup data to the new computer using hard drive or any other external device. Else you can transfer in case the new computer is running on the same network.
  • You should follow the steps to restore the back of the company file and you must ensure to give it a unique name.
  • You should download the latest tax table when you successfully transfer the files from one computer to another and this is only when you are using payroll.

Alternative Solution to transfer an entire QuickBooks Data folder to a new computer.

Below are some easy steps by which you can easily shift your entire company data to the new computer without taking any backup.

  • You should open QuickBooks to open Company file that you want to move.
  • You should open the Product Open Window by clicking on to F2 or Ctrl + 1
  • Once the file information section opens, you can look for the company file where it is saved.
  • You should open window start menu thereafter open File Explorer.
  • You should search for the folder that has your company saved data.
  • You should click on right on the folder using mouse to select
  • You should open the external device so that you can move the files.
  • Now you should open the new location on the hard disk so that you can select paste the copied files.

In this way you can copy the entire folder and move it to the new location of a new computer or hard drive. You can now open QuickBooks to select open or restore an existing company file. You can now open the copied file by browsing it in your computer.

Restoring and moving QuickBooks Data using Intuit Data Protect

You can take Intuit Data Protect Subscription by visiting Intuit App Center in case your Intuit Data Protect Plan not covers the backup of QuickBooks company files.

  • You should follow the steps so that you can take back up of company file on the original computer.
  • You are required to login into Intuit Data Protect installed in the new computer.
  • You should now follow the steps for restoring backup of file using Intuit Data Protect.

Below are some files inside the folders of QuickBooks that were transferred and restored using Intuit Data Protect.

  • Logos & images files
  • Transaction log (.tlg) files
  • Network Data (.nd files) files
  • Cash Flow projector (.cfp) files
  • Loan Manager (.lmr) files
  • Business Planner (.bpw) files

We hope you find this article suitable in understanding the various steps of transferring QuickBooks data to a new computer.

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