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Screen recorders are programs that capture video of everything that is reflected on the computer screen, such as chat, lectures, live broadcasts, games, and movies to create tutorials, tutorials, and presentations.

The applications for recording PC screens offer several options to configure the videos, download them in various formats and publish them online. They allow you to share the recordings with family, friends, co-workers and the general public.

They are very useful and necessary means because they facilitate personal, educational and work communications. Next, we show you the best 10 screen recorders for   on the market that satisfy all tastes and needs.



With Movavi Screen Recorder you can record the   screen in high 4K resolution and for free. It captures the computer screen in video and offers high quality images, offering the possibility to choose the section of the screen you want to use.

This model is one of the most modern and complete screen recorders on the market . It allows you to create virtual videos, tutorials and instructions with all kinds of files, conferences, video calls, games and movies. You will be able to publish your recordings on social networks, almost immediately.

You will be able to animate the recording with images and texts and insert the videos from the webcam. You can even add the audio to the recording, either through the microphone, that of the application itself or that of the operating system.



Bandicam is undoubtedly one of the best known and most used screen recorders. It allows you to capture games, conferences, seminars, movies and texts in high resolution formats, offering very clear images with vivid colors.

It offers the most complete options to animate and configure the videos. You will be able to insert the audio through the microphone, add images and shapes and configure the mouse effects. You can even anticipate the day and time of the recording.



Loom is a very complete and versatile program used to record computer screens. With this screen recorder you can capture all the activity on your desktop on video and upload it online almost immediately.

It allows you to personalize the videos with images, texts, shapes and webcam recordings, you can even edit video imperfections. The free version offers a maximum recording limit of 5 minutes. It is fully compatible and functional with  .



Screencast or matic is a program to record the computer screen that can be used with  , Mac, iOS, Android and Chromebook. With this application you can capture chat, video calls, games and create high quality presentations and tutorials for 15 minutes . If you buy the program you will be able to create videos of the PC screens for a longer time.

You can improve the quality of the recording by configuring the pixelation, the magnification of the screen and the background of the video, to your liking and preference. The video can be downloaded to the computer and shared through social networks or directly in the account.



Camtasia allows you to record the screen in   easily and without complications. It makes it easy to video record all the activity on your desktop, from video games to live broadcasts and all or part of the screen, depending on your need.

With this screen recorder you can configure the sounds of the video , include the audios of the microphone, those of the application or the operating system. It also offers the option to trim or delete sections of the recording.



If you don’t like trying to install new programs on your computer for whatever reason, Here you will definitely need an application or program uploaded to a cloud on the Internet (website) that gives you the same features that a regular program installed on your computer gives you. Actually we found an excellent computer screen capture site called Recordcast that offers a 100% free premium service that many programs installed on computers do not erase.


Recordcast website features 100% free site, you do not need to register to do the screen capture.

  1. It has a very clean and easy to use interface. The site is fairly fast.
  2. It can create a specific tab in any browser, Chrome or Firefox.
  3. It has video editing tools after it’s finished recording.
  4. The video can be downloaded in three different resolutions, the most powerful of which is FHD, which is excellent.
  5. Their video editor is smooth and easy to use.



Vclip allows you to capture the   screen and its sounds in a very simple and easy way . It is compatible with Windows 7 but not with XP. Record all search engine tabs and any other application on your computer in a clear, crisp and free way.

Play the recording in MP4, webm, OGG, Avi and gif format. Capture short videos and allows you to configure the audio and choose the part of the screen you want to record.


RECORDSCREEN.IO makes it easy to record your screen without the need to download any programs. You will be able to animate the videos by including the webcam recordings.

You can capture on video your favorite shows, your hobbies, PowerPoint presentations, seminars and online events, to create recordings for coaching, demos and tutorials and share them on .webm with your family, friends and co-workers.



How to record screens in   with Free Online Screen Recorder is very simple, it also includes a practical manual. Without having to download the application, you can record video from texts to movies in MP4, WMV, Avi, FLY, MPEG, VOB, ASF and gif formats.

Videos can be stored on your computer and shared on social media. This screen recorder allows you to manage the content, use the webcam and select the area or section of the screen that you want to capture.



With Icecream Screen Recorder you can capture your computer screen for free and on video. You can animate the recording to create presentations and tutorials, personal, educational and work, including notes, drawings and selecting the part of the screen that interests you.

You will be able to trim the video, set its speed and animate the keystrokes and movements of the mouse. You can share it through social networks.



The recording of computer screens is very useful to design presentations and instructions that provide great benefits in the educational, personal and work areas . There are several models of recorders with different characteristics that adapt to all needs.

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