Channel Letter Signage 101: What You Need to Know

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Channel letter signage is an extraordinary method to catch the consideration of customers and new business by giving a new and snazzy impression of your image personality. This is what you need to realize while picking the most ideal choice for your signage.

What Is Channel Letter Signage?

Channel letters are made of plastic or metal and utilized as outside signage on business or public structures. They are regularly lit inside. Dark 3D letters are likewise applied to boards and called dimensional letters. A channel letter is any number, letter, or character utilized in the sign. The significant pieces of channel letters are the face, return, back, and lighting components. The profits, or letter sides, are made of aluminum sheeting. The face and back are generally acrylics however can likewise be aluminum, or nonexistent. Since they are exceptionally adaptable, channel letter signs are accessible in a variety of tones, text styles, and sizes.


For face-lit channel letters, the enlightenment is affected by the lighting material — LED or neon — and the face material tone and material, which is commonly acrylic or polycarbonate. The light tone is additionally affected by the vinyl covering, if appropriate. The channel letter’s acrylic face is connected to the can through a trim cap.


The trim cap is the world’s most famous signage material. It’s made of top-quality aluminum covered with plastic or anodized, making it versatile and consistent. A trim cap is utilized to join the sign face to the body of each letter through a fluid holding specialist.


The return makes, the encased channel that this sort of signage is named for, and alludes to the profundity of the channel letter. The most well-known profundities range from 3-8 inches, which are dependent upon the signage measures around there or region or in your rent understanding in a business property.


PC-driven twisting and molding machines structure the character required for a specific plan. The aluminum sheeting can be painted in standard tones or redid with marking explicit shades or PMS (Pantone Matching System). PMS is desired by businesses that need enduring, proficient evaluation results for realistic expressions.


The rear of the channel letter utilizes switch-cut aluminum sheeting that is accessible in an assortment of thicknesses. The aluminum thickness will rely upon the size of letters.

Light Source

You can pick enlightened or non-enlightened signage. Where rent arrangements and neighborhood specialists license enlightened signage, it’s the best for causing to notice the business. Practically all inside enlightened channel letters utilize LED brightening, because of its energy proficiency and cost reserve funds when contrasted with neon lights.

Sorts of Channel Letter Signage

An incredible beginning stage in deciding the best signage for your business is knowing the contrast between the sorts of channel letters.


Front-Lit or Face-Illuminated

Channel Letters

Front-lit channel letters enlighten letter faces are as yet the most widely recognized kind of channel signage. Light radiates through a clear acrylic

The Grille House Exterior Sign

face inside the letters to draw consideration night or day, offering incredible perceivability over significant distances that are not difficult to peruse.


Face-enlightened logos and characters give your image added accentuation. Our LED signs utilize covered brightening worked to your particulars, so you don’t have to settle on culminating your signage marking system.

Illuminated or Halo Channel Letters

Known by a few names — illuminated, converse, or corona channels — this kind of lighting seems to glide odd. During establishment, spacers are utilized to accomplish a “corona impact” that encompasses the state of the letter.


Our radiance enlightened letters are worked with tempered steel, aluminum, and other quality metals. Experience and devotion have assisted us with turning into the business’ head makers of radiance signs.

Mix Lit or Front/Back Lit Channel Letters

For those that truly need to say something with their sign, blend corona-lit signs utilize both face light and radiance channel letters. This kind of sign permits you to utilize various tones to show a contrast between the front and backdrop illumination to radiate a shine in the front and corona impact in the back. Mounting Options


There are three primary mounting choices, including raceway mounts, immediate or flush mounts, and supporter mounts.

Raceway Mount

A raceway mount includes a metal box with a force supply and electrical wiring for each letter. These are mainstream in business structures where property chiefs require channel letters to be introduced on a raceway, which diminishes the underlying effect of signage by requiring fewer openings in the divider. Raceways are regularly painted to coordinate with the structure façade to limit the interruption.

Direct Mount or Flush Mount

At the point when letters are mounted onto the façade utilizing an example, it’s called flush mount or direct mount channel signage. They are appended utilizing a non-destructive clasp. This alternative is well known with switch channel letters, where direct mounting with stalemate spacers accomplishes the extraordinary lighting impact. The force supply and wiring interfacing the letters are introduced behind the veneer or bulkhead of the structure.

Patron Mount

Benefactor mounts highlight channel letters connected to a supporter board or metal bureau that is bigger than the channel letters. The bureau once in a while houses the wiring and force supply or it very well may be introduced behind the structure’s veneer or bulkhead.

Channel Letter Signage Tips

Here are some last tips to help you select the best channel letters signage for your business:

Check with your landowner and nearby drafting office to ensure you comprehend the necessities around there.

Put resources into the best sign inside your spending plan to anticipate the long haul and the most grounded returns. Dissimilar to print media and regular postal mail, your signage needs to pass on an enduring effect on clients and colleagues.


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