Facebook Video Marketing Strategies You Need To Know

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For many years, the only way to share videos on Facebook was through links from other sites like YouTube and Vimeo. In 2015, however, Marc Zuckerberg’s team launched its own video functionality, Facebook Video, allowing you to upload files directly without using external links to sites. The attention that the social network has given to videos since then has increasingly benefited content producers. Facebook has been becoming a platform for original productions and allowing channels to provide their content and interact with the audience.

Today I will tell you ten video strategies on Facebook so that you can take advantage of the network with your audiovisual productions. Let get started.

  1. Focus on a key point

If you want to produce a video capable of gaining engagement, focus on a single point of a topic and simplify its understanding.

If your video is not difficult to understand, viewers are more likely to engage and post it in their bio or a friend’s, as it will be easy for them to explain what’s great about the video when they share it.


  1. Make an effort to get noticed early on

Normally, users flick the screen quickly and need to be conquered immediately, so if you want someone to watch your video, you have to hold the viewer’s attention in the first 3 seconds. After that, it may be too late. Some tips that can help you:

A.Conquer with a question, an affirmation or an action.

B.Include your business and brand name or logo at the beginning.

C.Create short videos that get your message across right away. I want to recommend a video maker that can create stunning short videos in minutes. It’s an online platform called FlexClip. It includes a large number of pre-made and fantastic templates.


  1. Create shareable content

Think a bit. Why could your audience share your videos? There are a few main reasons for people to share videos:

A.To be sociable.

B.To express how they feel about a particular topic.

C.To show that they were the first to find something.

D.To make friends and colleagues laugh.

E.Plan your videos to help your audience achieve one of them!


  1. Produce videos that can be viewed without audio

A study has indicated that 85% of the users of the social network usually watch Facebook videos without any sound. This behavior means that the videos produced for Facebook have to be slightly different from those of other video platforms.

Invest in shorter content that has short descriptive texts and productions that don’t require explanations – like a simple recipe, for example.


  1. Add subtitles to your videos

Considering the previous topic, you can already imagine that the public on Facebook does not like to be interrupted with an audio-video executed without their authorization.

With that in mind, the social network publishes the videos configured to play silently, giving the user the option to activate or not the audio.

What you have in your favor, in this case, is that videos that are played without sound but with subtitles retain the audience’s attention for much longer. So use this Facebook video strategy to achieve better results.

  1. Post videos frequently

Post videos frequently to keep your audience interested.

Do not forget to be direct and do not extend too much in the matters. If it’s a more complex topic, divide your video into parts or make a series to build audience loyalty and demonstrate your authority on the topic.

The ideal frequency of your videos will depend on some factors, such as your segment of the performance, the products and services you offer, the issues addressed and the profile of your audience. Analyze and choose the frequency that best suits your strategy.


  1. Make creative CTAs (call-to-action)

Make sure to add a creative call to action (CTA) to your Facebook video. Thus, you can facilitate the viewer’s path by taking them to a web page where they can get more information about your business, see more content or even buy your product or service.


  1. Adapt your video to mobile

Remember that the screens of smartphones are much smaller than computer screens. Therefore, it seeks to leave visually important objects in the foreground and visible. Always worry about responsive design.


  1. Label wisely and in moderation

To spread your Facebook video, you can tag other pages, or people who contributed or who you just think would like the content of the video.

Always do it in moderation, don’t overdo the amount, and the only label what makes sense.

Here are some examples of “who to tag”:

People or pages that contributed directly to the production of the video.

People or pages that you mention in the video.

People who inspired you to make the video.

People who may be interested in the video.

To tag someone on Facebook, simply type the “@” symbol before the page title or the name of the one who you want to tag. Then some options will appear for you to choose from.


  1. Embed Facebook videos into blog posts and websites

Like  YouTube, Facebook videos have an embed code that you can use to post your video on your blog or on a web page. When visitors go to this link, they will not only see the video, but they will also see all the comments and interactions from the post.

To get the embed code, go to the full video and look for the three dots in the upper right corner. Click on them and select “Insert.” You will see the embed code. You can copy and insert it.

Implementing a video strategy on Facebook can be very rewarding. However, it is a process that takes time and will require dedication and patience to wait for the results (do not despair, they will come.)



How did you think of the tips? Do you feel ready to start recording and publishing your videos on the social network? Leave us your comment, and we want to know your opinion.



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