What You Must Know About FreeSwitch Development

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When it comes to VoIP solution development, FreeSwitch is a widely preferred platform as compared to other telephony systems. In today’s technologically advanced world, VoIP solutions have completely transformed the way the traditional communication devices used to work. The key reasons behind the surging popularity of VoIP solution development services include:

  • The VoIP technologies used for the development of VoIP solutions are open source, thus reduces the development cost to a great extent.
  • VoIP solution generally utilizes SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) for communication, which further leads to reduced communication cost.

Though there are numerous VoIP technologies available for developing VoIP software, the FreeSwitch is one of the preeminent technologies available for developing feature-rich, powerful, secure, and high-performing telecom applications. This open-source platform is a reliable solution that comes with the ability to support assorted kinds of codec, multimedia, audio, video, text, and much more.

FreeSwitch is undoubtedly the most useful and widely used term in the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) industry. It is utilized across numerous industry sectors for the development of enterprise-grade, customized VoIP solutions. It is an open-source, free cross-platform telephony system that intends to interlink the major communication protocols and route various types of media like video, audio, text, and more. This platform can be used to build video conferencing solutions with screen sharing and chat facilities, IVR services, PBX systems, Session Border Controller (SBC), embedded communication devices, and much more. Moreover, FreeSwitch can run on both Windows and Linux-based servers, as well as on FreeBSD and macOS.

Features of FreeSwitch

Some of the key features of FreeSwitch include:

  • WebRTC support
  • Basic IP/PBX features
  • Call recording
  • High-Performance Multi-Threaded Core engine
  • ASR/TTS support
  • Automated attendant
  • Google Talk
  • Multilingual speech phrase interface
  • 8kHz/16kHz/32kHz/48kHz audio
  • Conferencing
  • SIP BLF/SLA features
  • Presence
  • IPv4/IPv6
  • Event/logger engine
  • Real-time, etc.

How FreeSwitch is Different from Asterisk?

FreeSwitch is quite similar to Asterisk as far as the utilization and implementation are concerned. Asterisk is licensed under General Public License (GPL), whereas FreeSwitch is licensed under Mozilla Public License (MPL). However, both the license types allow the same liberty that open-source software permits, i.e. free to download, modify, and revise to meet varied project requirements. To facilitate reduced complexity, FreeSwitch architects generally utilize freely available open-source software libraries to execute numerous functions. Some of the most commonly used open-source software libraries include SQLite, Apache portable runtime, libspeex – Speex Digital Signal Processor (DSP) library, mod_spandsp, Sofia-SIP, libSRTP, etc.

Advantages of FreeSwitch

FreeSwitch has the ability to support a large number of features, applications, codecs, protocols, and encryption methods. It is also compatible with the majority of gateways, standard-based endpoints, and other hardware. FreeSwitch comprises a powerful set of modules and tools. When combined with IP PBX devices, and advanced voice & video services, FreeSwitch can turn out to be a smart and profitable choice for many businesses.

Some of the key advantages of FreeSWITCH in comparison with Asterisk include:

  • As compared to Asterisk, the FreeSwitch platform can support a huge volume of concurrent calls for the same basic hardware, thus facilitating more competent utilization of physical resources.
  • FreeSwitch comes with the capabilities to separate operations based on functions.
  • FreeSwitch is a perfect solution for multi-tenant implementations where each tenant is provided with a separate component of the IP PBX.

A large number of companies in assorted industries demand FreeSwitch development services for efficient management of calls. FreeSwitch development can be utilized in many ways, like:

  • To design a perfect solution that is required to handle thousands of simultaneous calls per second without compromising on the quality.
  • To build comprehensive VoIP solutions or multi-tenant VoIP solutions.
  • To build strong, scalable, and customized solutions.

Some of the most common FreeSwitch services are:

  • Custom Software Development
  • Custom Application Development
  • Custom Module Development

If you are planning to hire FreeSwitch development services, make certain that the developers have full knowledge of FreeSwitch and are highly skilled in their field.

Skills of FreeSwitch Developers

Some of the key skills of FreeSwitch developers that one must look into when planning to hire developers for FreeSwitch related projects include:

  • Expertise in FreeSwitch XML Dial plan Configurations
  • Ability to create new modules/applications in FreeSwitch
  • Proficiency in SIP/SDP/RTP protocols
  • Complete knowledge and ability to setup FreeSwitch Cluster
  • Full know-how of Lua Scripting\
  • Deep Knowledge of FreeSwitch modules


On the whole, FreeSwitch is one of the most reliable solutions that can be utilized to create feature-rich, sturdy, high-performance, and secure solutions. The decision to hire FreeSwitch development can be the right choice for businesses to create a wide range of innovative communication solutions, conferencing, IVR, or others. Just make sure to choose a professional company that provides highly-skilled developers with the ability to unleash the unsurpassed potential of FreeSwitch technology to develop a wide range of applications and other solutions.

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