Everything You Need To Know About Terrarium Building And Care

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Terrarium building is an up and coming activity that is fit for grownups and children alike. Whether you are fed up with your daily routine of running between office and home, not getting a chance to rest and take a break, building a terrarium might be exactly what you need. Terrarium Singapore gives you a chance to take a step back, relax and nurture your mind.


With the fast paced life of today, many of us put ourselves at the back burner and try to do as much as we can in the least amount of time. This causes us to be overworked which is why breakdowns, both mental and physical have become more common. Every other person is suffering some depression and anxiety, mostly because we have prioritized earning money over taking care of ourselves. 


What Is A Terrarium 

A terrarium is a tiny indoor garden of sorts. It consists of either a fully or partially enclosed glass container in which single or multiple pieces of greenery are planted. Sometimes these terrariums form fully functional ecosystems when placed in indirect sunlight, not needing to be watered regularly and instead relying on the condensation droplets to sustain themselves. 


However, in case of open terrariums, regular watering is needed, even encouraged with the gap ranging somewhere between one to three weeks, depending on the size of the terrarium, the number and kind of vegetation being planted and its location with respect to the sun. 


How To Build Your Own Terrarium From Scratch 

Building a terrarium is an extremely easy and fun activity to do. You can either do it on your own or do it with the help of your friends, family, coworkers or neighbors. Especially since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, everyone could use a little bit of socially interactive time and terrarium Singapore may be exactly the thing many of us need.


In order to build your very own terrarium, you can follow these easy steps:

  • Select A See-Through Jar

 The first step to building a terrarium is selecting a jar. Now you have to select a container that is not only transparent, but also of appropriate size depending on how big you want your terrarium to be. In addition to that, the jar should be selected keeping in mind if the terrarium you are building will be an open one or a closed one. 

  • Select Pretty Rocks

 The second step is selecting rocks that are pretty and colourful. This will make your terrarium look eye catching and even look beautiful when used to decorate a table or a shelf. Also, pebbles are to be selected based on the size of the terrarium. 

  • Get Some Soil And Moss

 Now comes the part that is a little tricky. Based on the type of greenery you intend to plant, you will be selecting some soil and making a layer on top of the pebbles in the plastic or glass jar. After that, you add a layer of sheet moss to it. 


These layers not only help anchor the plant down but also help in the even distribution of water and nutrients in the plants. Your terrarium building is now complete but work is far from being done. 


Terrarium Care 

Although when one takes a look at a terrarium, its care seems fairly easy and straightforward, owing to its small size and basic structure. However, plants being housed in terrariums can die almost as easily as they are planted. This is because they need a very specific set of conditions to survive, thrive even, and when these are not fulfilled, most plants end up wilting and dying.


If you want your terrariums to survive, all you need to do is follow these easy steps of care:

  • Trimming

 Sometimes when you plant ferns or fern-like plants, their leaves tend to overgrow. This will cause them to block the sunlight to the other plants or other parts of the same plant. Hence it is advisable to trim your plants a little bit to prevent them from overgrowing.

  • Pests and Bugs

 Open terrariums are usually an attraction for pests and bugs. The greenery, together with moisture and light provides the perfect environment for bugs to invade. They can cause damage and even death of your plant so regular monitoring for insects is also important.

  • Light

 Placing a terrarium in direct sunlight is not advisable. This is because plants in a terrarium are delicate and can easily wilt and die. Indirect sunlight is preferred however if you want, you can also use fluorescent bulbs or tubes for the purpose of illumination and providing light. Avoid incandescent bulbs as they can damage the plants.

  • Watering

 Plants that are hardy such as succulents and cacti are preferred to be grown in a terrarium. These do not need to be watered too often and can survive easily in unfavorable conditions. Other than that, a terrarium is an entire ecosystem on its own, most of the water is recycled, especially in closed terrariums. 

  • Air

 An open terrarium allows free circulation of air across the plants. However in a closed terrarium, air has no point of entry. This usually does not damage the plants because that kind of terrarium is supposed to be closed. Although it is also advisable that you remove the lid of a closed terrarium once in a while to let some fresh air in. 


Benefits Of Having A Terrarium 

There are numerous benefits to having a terrarium, ranging from physical to mental. A terrarium is something that is completely harmless yet very beneficial. Some of the advantages of having one or more terrariums in your home are:

  • Building And Caring For A Terrarium Is A Healthy Activity 

 This is the greatest and the most important benefit of building a terrarium. In our rush filled lives, having a terrarium at home and caring for it will give you a chance to slow down and focus on your mental health. Research has shown that engaging in plant care can have an immense positive impact on your mind. 

  • Terrariums Purify And Detoxify Your Air

 When you choose the right plants for your terrarium, they can help you purify the air ariund the house. Plants of all kinds utilise carbon dioxide for photosynthesis, which is a process plants use ro make their food. They also release oxygen hence improving the quality of air you breathe in. 

  • A Terrarium Is A Mini Indoor Garden

 With a rise in inflation, affording a living space that comes with a garden of sorts has become almost impossible. By having multiple terrariums around the house, you can have some greenery around you to give you a sense of calmness and relief. 

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